DXD or DSD any thoughts !?


I dont hear any difference, just sometimes i feel the dsd is more analogue but i prefer many time the clearity of the dxd! Often i feel the dxd is better and many times i dont hear the difference at all between the 2!

So what are your thoughts etc about dxd vs dsd?


There is no definitive answer. DXD and DSD formats give excellent sound. Sound quality is affected by the quality of the master recording, and production processes.


The DXD I have are 16bit cd’s, Only the mastering are 24-bit 352.8khz. While they really sound excellent, my SACD version still sounds clearer. And my single side Japanese SACD version sounds clearer still. I don’t know how the SACD’s are mastered though.

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why is not dxd sell in 32 bit why must they downsample to 24 bit?

Can dxd make any dsd sample, like 1024?

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I have the impression that DXD has a lower noise compared to DSD. Do you forum members have the same impression?

i have found if the original file is dxd most ase it sound better than the dsd version of it