Hopefully this is not off topic here.

What I am looking for is some source material originally recorded at 352.8 24 bit, but is must be WAV, not FLAC.

I have found plenty of DXD FLAC, but DXD WAV seems to be unobtainium.

One track of something is all that I am looking for right now, for a test.

2L is all FLAC.

dBpoweramp (https://www.dbpoweramp.com/) is a pretty good any to any audio converter. I don’t know if that will help you do what you need to do or not, but I find it to be a great CD ripper and general tool to have on hand.


+1. And it now available on the Mac as well as PC.

Thanks Ted!

I actually have the converter and have never used it.

It was a snap to convert an existing 352.8 FLAC to WAVE.

DS played it beautifully!

DXD sound really amazing i like it; even more than dsd; maybe because almost all dsd is from DXD?
Ps thé DXD we buy today is 24bit bit dxd is remastered at 32bit?