[ELAC] Which frequency to set my subwoofer

So I got a subwoofer that I got from my dad. Unfortunately, the manual is lost, so I couldn’t find any information about setting the correct frequency level.
Another question I have is, is higher or lower better? Or perhaps something in between?

Strictly speaking you should do it all initially by using test tones and a sound meter, but to get yourself going I would recommend that you set the crossover frequency to the -3dB roll-off frequency specified for your main speakers, and then gradually turn up the sub gain from its lowest volume level until it sounds right from your listening chair. You could experiment with flipping the polarity to see if is better for you. I you want you can try adjusting the crossover frequency slightly to see what sounds best to you. If you alter the placement of the sub you may need to do some trimming.

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