Electrician for a Dedicated Power Line

What you want is simply a circuit with nothing else on it other than your audio system. The circuit, including the breaker in the box, is “dedicated” to the outlet in your listening room.

The advantage is nothing else is plugged into this circuit to muck up the sound.

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Very easy. Tell the electrician that you want a dedicated circuit from your circuit panel to a spot in your room. The last time I had 2 dedicated 20 amp circuits from my panel to my room. Of course you could get the electrician to use some nice cable as well.

I’m sure your electrician will be happy to take care of it for you.

simple…ask the electrician who’s the boss/paying the bill…this is the contracted work…want it or not?..
enough said (to him)…

I go through this stupidity often with my various (not-hired) contractors…

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Thank you for your insights. Does this Still make sense if I am not (at the moment) using a power conditioner of any kind? I do plan at some point upgrading to PSA power plant.

absolutely…you have to start somewhere…

A friend of mine who is a high end cable manufacturer told me when I was building a new house to put in five dedicated circuits for my home theater. He was adamant that each circuit use three individual 10 ga. copper wires pulled through Greenfield. No Romex is acceptable he said. I asked my builder to do this for me and he ended up charging me $5k for the pleasure. What makes me sad is they are behind me, in the theater part of the room. Meanwhile my P20, 15 feet away is plugged into a shared 15 amp circuit. Bah. With Romex no less. I am not sure if it is even possible to get a new circuit into the needed location without disassembling my audio system, moving it all away and pulling Sheetrock off of existing walls.

Or I could find a 40 foot Shunyata Sigma power cable and snake it around the room.

I’m just going to wait until I build a new house with a disconnected wing designed for audio that my wife cannot hear.

and a bank account she cannot see… :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

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Thankfully I have had that for a long time.
I remember at closing the builder handed me a stack of paper requesting an additional $45k. She missed that and the check slipping into his pocket. I had him do a few extra things that I will never recover the expense from. Like those 5 dedicated 20 amp circuits…

Might as well put in a backyard pool.

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I fail to see how 3 strands vs. Romex would make any difference unless the strands being in a conduit is shielding from other stray EMI. The goal is larger conductor with nothing else connected. Either will do.

Piece of cake. My electrician that I have used before ran good old 12awg Romex (less than 75ft) from panel to Media Room. Voltage used to be 114-117 when old P15 (and now P20) were on a shared 15 amp circuit. My P20 now reads 119.8 in, and ~120 out consistently, any time of day or night on the new dedicated circuit.

After seeing and hearing the improvement, I will never run my rig on a non-dedicated circuit, no matter what regeneration I am using. :+1:

Romex is three conductors, tightly packed, the geometry exactly the same from end to end. Individual strands are so not that. Think about all these high end cable manufacturers talking endlessly about the importance of multi-conductor wire geometry. And I believe the Greenfield does offer better isolation.
I have no desire to argue the point though. If I were to do it again, I’d do the three strands in Greenfield 10 out of 10 times. I would not do Romex for Audio even once.

That seems nonsensical to me. Consistent conductor arraignment is the hallmark of high end cable design.

Romex is not high end cable but at least it’s conductors are consistent relative to one another.

I don’t know Greenfield other than to use the term to mean new install.

Perhaps you could share with us what makes Greenfield so special.

For the original poster and any one who reads this in the future. Any dedicated circuit for your audio system is better than none regardless of the wire or gauge used.

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Na, I’m not interested.