Electrician for a Dedicated Power Line

For those of you that have (NOT planning to) installed a dedicated, how did you find a qualified electrician?

Also some serious enthusiasts have the electrician install a dedicated power breaker in the house. Necessary? :thinking:


I did it myself.
It is hard to find someone who sees the usefulness of such a thing.
They call me crazy.

There are sites where you can post the assignment.

I ran the dedicated line myself when finishing the basement. When I decided to add PS Audio power ports I just flipped off the breaker and changed them out. I shutter to think what an electrician is going to charge you to do it.


Probably to much.

I did it myself and it cost me 400 dollar/euro

I used Angie’s List and was very happy with the electricians I hired. I chose the company based off the reviews from customers using them for home theaters, etc.

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I have been unhappy with Angie’s List. The curation is poorly implemented in my experience. Thank you for the response.

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Understood, and good to know. I’ve been happy with their results, but I have not used Angie’s List in a while.

I also did it myself. Really not that difficult as long as you consider the safety aspects when adding a branch circuit breaker with the panel main breaker off and front panel removed (stay well clear of the main breaker line input). Otherwise, it’s just some #12AWG romex 2 conductor plus ground (for single 20A circuit) and a breaker. Total cost about $80. Really made a noticeable improvement in SQ feeding both amplifiers this way and stopped the dreaded light dimming on musical peaks!

When we had our addition done, I had the electrician add a dedicated 20 amp line behind my system.

For a licensed electrician, there is nothing ‘special’ about the request for a dedicated circuit - other than you really want 10awg wire not 12awg.

The most difficult part of the project is likely getting access to run the cable from the panel to the location you want.

I did mine with an electrician who’s a good friend. It was easy because it’s only 20’ from panel to AV closet but every situation is different.

2 stories away at the far end of the house, not so easy.

Talk to friends and neighbors for references in your local area. Get more than one quote, go with whomever you get on with the best. Consider pulling two dedicated at once, the materials are cheap the labor not so much.

I’m not sure I understand you second question, dedicated power breaker?

A dedicated circuit by definition will have it’s own breaker.

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Try any home theater installer. It is going to cost you.

You might also consider asking your neighbors or coworkers for references to electricians that they have used.

In my case, I needed an electrician to install an EV charger. I asked a few friends at the office, got a recommendation, and was very happy with the price and quality of the work.

Hmm I have had a few dedicated power lines run in my day and I didn’t think the price was overly pricey. I would think the price would depend on how hard it is to gain access to your location. If my memory is correct, I believe had 2 dedicated 20 amp circuits pulled for $120 or so. My room is on my second floor and my power box is on the opposite side of the house. The electrician ran the lines through the attic. Don’t remember what I paid in my last house.

Dumb question here (forgive me):
When you guys talk about getting dedicated 20A lines run to your audio systems, you aren’t excluding it to only new house builds, right? I mean, I assume it’s also possible to do all of this with finished houses, including finished basements where the electrical box is. More hassle, but possible. If that is not correct, lmk. (like I said, dumb question)

I think I want to do this eventually, running a couple dedicated lines to two separate rooms in the house.

It is definitely an option for existing construction as well.

Cool, thx.

My last electrical outlets was added to my existing house. Not a new build.

I installed a dedicated power line in my basement in Brooklyn, in a house originally built in 1896. It was a 30 foot run from my panel to the new outlet. My contractor and electrician just had to put a few holes in the ceiling and walls to snake the cable – no easy task considering the cable I used: https://jpslabs.com/collections/ac-cables/products/jps-labs-power-ac-in-wall-cable

It took a day, plus a day or two for patching, sanding and painting to repair the damage.

The improvement was significant and immediate.

this is an interesting topic as I am finishing my basement for a dedicated listening space. I thought about a dedicated line, but unsure about how to go about explaining this to the electrician. I have plenty of space off my main breaker box which is approx. 20ft away on the same floor from where the listening room will be.