EQ software suggestions

I know it’s sacrilegious to some, but I’m looking to add some bottom end to a few of the needle drops that I have been playing around with. What are some of the better EQ software programs out there that would let me do this?

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I suggest you try Audacity. It is free:

Download | Audacity ®

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Very good, thanks!

You are very welcome.

Please report back and let us know how it goes.

By the way, here is the manual:

Click here

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Thank you for posting this question! When I first saw your post’s title in the Everything Else forum, I said to myself, I can only imagine to what extent the pontificating and vitriol the replies would display. Then when the link opened, I chuckled at your opening statement, “I know it’s sacrilegious to some, but…"

I am one of the few who honestly admits my undying love for, and devotion to, everything EQ. Whether it be a physical graphics EQ, hard wired into one’s audio component’s setup, or software based EQs on a PC, I love and use them both.

All of my music listening is PC based. Stored music files,streaming services like Spotify, Amazon (Prime) Music, Deezer, etc all originate on my PC. From my PC, I send the audio to my Yamaha AV receiver in one of two ways, either through my Modi3 DAC, or straight into the Yamaha. I probably have more software based EQs and other “music shaping” apps/programs on my PC than any one human being should be allowed.

It began in 2006, when I first came across the EQ download called “SRS Audio Sandbox”. After listening to the demo, and hearing how magnificent the enhancements were, I had to download the free trial. That first day, I paid the $15 and got the permanent license. I have to say that no other EQ product has even come close to the simplicity and quality of the SRS Audio Sandbox. SRS, now owned by the audio giant DTS, no longer offers Audio Sandbox. They do have though quite a few stand-alone audio enhancement software applications/programs for download.

On my PC I also use:

Equalizer APO (with the Peace user interface). There a many user interfaces for Equalizer APO, but Peace was the easiest for me.

-PC Equalizer

-Ashampoo Music Studio

-Ashampoo Soundstage

-Ashampoo Audials 2019


-Waves MaxxAudio Pro

And as if these aren’t enough, I have a vintage (circa 1980s) Radio Shack graphic EQ hardwired into the tape monitor loop of my Yamaha receiver.

I will probably be banished from all PS Audio forums, citing my unsophisticed, pedestrian, and all around impure fascist/socialist, bottom dwelling audio philosophies. Just kidding, I hope, because I follow Paul’s videos on the PS Audio Youtube channel. I watch and listen with an open mind, disagreeing vehemently with some, but enjoying them all. I also have come to know another PS Audio staff member, James, whom I trust implicitly. I reach out to James for answers to my audio questions, and for advice on my audio issues and product searches. James has become a trusted friend over there in Denver at PS Audio.

Please pardon my long winded reply. I hope it helps.

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Sounds like fun to me. And if it sounds better to you then it is better!

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