Equipment sensitivity to vibrations from the music?

I understand that vibrations can effect stereo components and thus sound quality. Especially the clock crystals in a DAC, for example.

But even with vibration dampening tweaks and gear, isn’t there inherently going to be tons of vibration from the music you playing, the sub, speakers etc? The whole point is to move air… it has to get the vibrations to your ear! So wouldn’t every component in the system be affected 100% of the time from vibration?

Do I need to move my components, except the speakers, into another room?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In most cases the component that’s most susceptible to the effects of vibration is the turntable.

I have posted this in another thread:

Their design is all about transferring vibration away from the components and into the ground.

Yes. Ideally your equipment would be isolated from sound as well as from mechanical vibrations from whatever they’re physically resting on – but usually the direct sound energy is the lesser problem as well as being by far the harder one to mitigate. So we focus on the physical supports.