Ever dropped anything?

Read the most tragic news this morning:

Have tickets for her to play The Art of Fugue on 2 June. That’s going to be interesting.

Sad story. We do become connected to our instruments.

Funny you should ask.

Remember the Schiit gear I sold a few weeks back? On the way to its new owner, the fine folks at FedEx dropped the box on its corner with such force it dislodged the Freya+'s volume control and mucked up the whole unit. Working through a claim right now. Looks like they’ll come through.

It’s a hassle, and it’s a bummer when you’re waiting for new gear and it arrives jacked up – but it’s just an $800 piece of kit. It’s no F278 Fazioli.

to @RonP’s point about instruments. Very true. Interestingly, i’ve had dozens of Martin guitars shipped and received, and never once had an issue.

“dozens”?? Are you in the business?

haha, no, just a guy who had Guitar GAS long before Audio GAS.

I currently have four Martins and a couple mandolins. But it took a bunch of horse-trading to get to this point. Buying used is the way to go, so there’s not too much risk/loss in any one deal.

Spent a LOT of time on the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum back in he day.

I still play, but I’m happy with my current stable, so I’ve moved on to wringing my hands over audio gear. :roll_eyes:


It is a thought provoking comparison of a L150,000 piano to the cost of many very high end audio systems.
I too am stunted by the accident. While reading the article, I was heartfelt for Ms. Hewitt.

Wonderful article! AS for me. the thing is that there are a lot of people looking for such opportunities. But not all of them find.