Expandable NUC external storage?

I’ve put together a NUC running Roon ROCK and the case only has one external USB Type-C port. I’d like to be able to have attach an expandable drive. Is there such a thing as a directly attached expandable SSD storage?

I guess I could use one of those RAID- type enclosures, but they’re expensive. But other than that, are there any other options?

I don’t want a NAS.

This is probably overkill, but I really like the quality of OWC cases for this sort of use. Check out this item. You can buy it equipped with an SSD from them, but you can also buy a “DIY” version for $69 if you’re in the US, where you add your own NVMe M.2 SSD to the case.

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Thanks but that’s not quite what I was thinking of. With them OWC enclosure, it’s not expandable in the sense use I can add capacity to it. I have to buy a bigger SSD and replace the one inside.

I use one of these. Not sure how available they are but you could probably find one used.


Roger that. Check their site, they also have some 4x cases for m.2 SSDs. Fill one slot now, add another when you need it. Being based on m.2, it’s not very bulky…

Edit: this is the one I was thinking of. It’s thunderbolt though, which your NUC may support

I have been using this external 2 bay drive from Oyen Digital attached to my Roon Nucleus for my locally stored music files with good results. I just upgraded from using two 4TB SSD’s to two 8TB SSDs

It might be helpful for you to explain your needs.

What do you envision doing with this new storage?

How much storage do you need?

Does the storage need to be attached to the NUC?

Have you considered a NAS?

My experience, my system: I have Nucleus+ (i.e. Roon’s NUC). Adding storage inside it or using a USB attached storage affected transparency and overall presentation. I did not bother with the science, but moved the storage to a Naim Core, and have been happy ever since. One theory says internal storage and USB attached storage use the power supply feeding NUC’s board and processor! :face_with_monocle:

You could plug that one port into a USB hub ($60) and have many ports to plug any combination of drives you wish to use. (@ any given moment)

What do I win?

I was wondering about that! That solves it then I think.

I currently use a Mac for my roon core and a raid-1 NAS. Am trying to move away from the NAS, use directly attached storage on the NUC to hold the data and use the NAS as my backup. Hence my question.

Why not keep using the NAS for the music? I’ve heard that a DAS makes a difference to the sound; also for whatever reason the Roon ROCK on the NUC can’t access my NAS. Granted, it’s one of those crappy WD ones, but still….

How much storage do you need?

Can you simply purchase a 2TB external SSD?

I have one of those already. Unfortunately my current music library is around 6TB. And growing if I keep buying DSD256 albums.

I think @aangen just installed a NAS. He posted his experience somewhere here on the forum. Maybe in “Your next upgrade”.

I’d love to hear @aangen’s experience!

I’ve already bought a $1600 PSA Stellar Phono this month. Depending on what a NAS would cost… But hey, it’s just money right? You can’t take it with you.

Either way I need to get something since my current crappy WD NAS won’t work with the NUC.

Would there be any considerations regarding NAS or DAS with the NUC if I get an AirLens later? The AL only handles ethernet/wifi anyway.

No matter what, you’ll still need an application to handle sending music to the AL. So, if you use Roon, the AL isn’t going to care, since Roon is the application that has “mounted” the NAS/DAS.

You could get a NAS that can run Roon Core, many people have done this. There’s a zillion posts on the Roon forum about doing this.

If you are going to need that much and more storage, I’d look at a NAS that you know will be compatible with Roon and continue to you use your NUC to host the Roon Core.

I’d be ok with that. The only reason I’m thinking of a DAS is really because some have said that there’s a difference in sound. But so far, I’ve been happy with the current NAS. If it only worked with my NUC I’d be sitting pretty.

From my personal observations, there’s no difference in sound at all. I think Al will say the same thing.

same answer as Al.
You just have to watch the bandwidth- know your “NUC” bandwidth on the usb-c port. Everything in the docking station will use part of that bandwidth. Here’s a link help you figure out if this is the solution you are looking for.
Best USB-C docks for laptops and tablets 2022 | Tech Advisor

personally- I just stuck an 8TB SSD into the inside of the NUC. that will give you time to acquire another 1.5TB of music before you need to buying a higher capacity SSD storage. It will look much neater than any externally attached storage.

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The main reason I’m loathe to do that, is that I’d spend close to USD 700-800 for an 8TB SSD while with a NAS for a few hundred more I can get a 15TB plus expandability ; so I never need worry about it.