I’ve gone NUC ROCK

I recently bought Roon lifetime because I got tired of recurring yearly fees. I converted a new NUC8i7BEH to an Akasa Turing fanless case. This exercise was fraught with challenges. Tha Akasa case didn’t quite line up with the ports and I had to tweak the hardware.

Then loading a Linux clone, Roon ROCK had it’s own challenges. Once loaded I needed a backup of the DB that took an hour then an hour to load it. My principle computer couldn’t see ROCK and I had to work with a notebook.
Finally all loaded and configured and installed.

Great sound and running very cool.



Good looking room! Where is the second subwoofer??

Off to the right the LED looks dim.

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Awesome system.
I am new to Roon. But, I bit the bullet recently and went for the lifetime subscription right off the bat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
ROCK runs, well… “rock solid” on my NUC8i3. With the BIOS set for “quiet mode” I can’t hear a thing from it.

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Very nice indeed and well done for setting up a Rock system, way beyond me. The i7 chip is not really necessary for most systems, i3 is fine, it’s in the Nucleus unit, and Innuos use the N4200 because it is about one third more power efficient than i3. Every self-build system I read about seems to use i7. Is there a reason why?

When I built the ROCK NUC I over spec’d the device. It has a Samsung 240GB EVO SSD, 32 GB of RAM and an i7 cpu and an AKASA fanless case. I did that so that I could re-purpose the device down the line if I chose to. You can’t beat horsepower. I ran ROON core on my NAS and i decided that was a poor strategy. Even though ROON says it will work, it doesn’t work well. The app would lose connectivity and it would fail to log into Tidal and Qobuz correctly if it didn’t get rebooted daily. This implementation is rock solid and very fast.


interesting reading, do i understand you correctly that you have built and own NAS without fans?
I have read about the QNAP HS-453DX fanless NAS, what it thrills me is that it still has 2 conventional disks (with disk noise), unless you go for full SSD capability. In my case I will need 2x4 Tb which becomes very expensive and i so not need all the capabilities the QNAP has.

I only want to store Hi definition music, e.g. DSD 64/128 and connect it directly to the PS Audio DAC…
I also need a disk to run the Roon server.

Yes, I also experience Roon losing the connection to my synology +1515, with Roon running in a SSD disk…

I use a QNAP TS-453B. You can’t connect the NAS to the DAC directly. That why it is N Network A Accessed S Storage. You would need a Bridge II with an Ethernet Port. You would run them on the same network. The NAS isn’t fanless I have two fans in it. The basic large fan for the drives and one on the accessory M.2 Drive Board. It is my NUC that is now fanless. Do not bother trying to run ROON on a NAS. The mediocre CPU’s can’t handle the load and ROON will disconnect regularly. I tried this for 6 months and gave up and finally built the ROON ROCK server.