External transport vs Bridge II

Hello friends,

I would like to know if in your experience, there is some external transport (for example Sonore UltraRendu, SMS-200 Ultra, Aurender, etc.) with which you can improve the quality of SQ compared to using Bridge II (using only it, controlled by Mcontrol) in DS.

Thank you in advance!

Very happy with my Melco, improved SQ of both usb and BridgeII



+1 for the Melco, which really took a step up in sound quality when I added a Matrix X-SPDIF 2 so that I can access the DS’s I2S inputs.


Uou:clap:, this Melco device seems to be really of excellent quality, did not know.

I found the price of it half salty, (almost the same price as the DS right?) I thought of cheaper solutions like the two Sorone and Sotm appliances mentioned in the initial post.

My modded Oppo 203 over i2s sounds better than the Bridge II to me, and is my Roon endpoint of choice.

Hopefully I can trade up to Bridge III at reduced cost with the Bridge II

What mod did you do on your Oppo?

I plan to wait for the release of Bridge III and buy it instead of looking for an external transport. certainly the Bridge III will be a major breakthrough on II.


I’ve done extensive mods to it, I’ve detailed what I did on a UK hifi forum here:

1 Linear power supply with circuit breaker installed rather than fuse.
2 Dampened inside of case
3 Replaced thin sheet metal BD Drive mechanism cover with thicker aluminum
4 Fitted i2s output board for direct connection to Directstream i2s input
5 Upgraded system clock with OCXO Femto clock board (in progress…)
6 Silver wired Furutech IEC Inlet

The mods cost more than the player, but worth every penny for improvements to audio and video. The Oppo as a foundation to build on has seriously untapped potential.
Getting the best of the upgrades with i2s Directstream connection, really bringing out the best of what the Oppo can do now.

Love the fact that it acts as a Roon endpoint and can output as i2s, an improvement over the Bridge II in my system.

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