Favorite Christmas Album?


Well it IS that time of year… and we are inundated with the sounds of the season so it might as well be something we like. Maybe we’ll discover some new collections that are better than, say, the barking dogs’ Xmas spectacular. :-@

What’s your pick?

Mine is Vince Guaraldi’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”


The weirdest is Bob Dylan's Christmas in the Heart.

The first track makes me afraid of Santa Claus' arrival.

I answer the question posed by the second: "I desparately hope not."


…and a personal favorite of the Ungulate One would be…?

*Don’t even go there. :))

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Tomorrow we grill venison loin. Hope everyone still gets their presents this year.


Duh-oh! Or should I say doe!



Actually, roe.


You are a skilled chef; grilling venison typically results in jerky.


Very high heat, very short grill time, long time resting.


As I expected, you know what you are doing. :slight_smile: