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T’is the Season…


I absolutely hate Xmas music!

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I learned to hate Xmas music back when I was in High School. I worked at a corporate record store and we were required to play it for 2 of every 3 cd’s when the season arrived. I never really loved it before, but this made me despise Xmas music. I only give a pass to the Christmas songs from Billy Squier, The Kinks and The Waitresses.

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How about Gary Hoey

Feel sorry for Australians. All those songs about snow and holly in high summer. I was in Darwin one December listening to the Muzak in the hotel lobby and it really grated.

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@brett66 I haven’t heard his Xmas album, but I will check it out. Any particular tracks?

Of course I’m always finding exceptions to my own rule! I totally forgot RUN D.M.C.’s Christmas in Hollis.

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Ho! Ho! Hoey! - lots of good tracks

I love Christmas music, but only the old traditional stuff. Not the new crap that’s out there these days. From say the 40’s to the late 70’s is fine. Anything after that, forget it.

Also, you can’t forget classical Christmas music. Also all very good.

If it’s not Bing Crosby on vinyl, then it’s not Christmas.

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There’s a Special Place in Heck for Xmas Music Haters - you’re locked in a room where the worst Xmas music ever recorded plays 24/7 (not that there is day or night there) through multiple tinny bullhorns at painful volume…and they’re not ever quite in sync or in phase.:japanese_ogre:. ; )



Bob Dylan - Christmas in the Heart (where I’ll Be Home For Christmas is a terrifying threat, a reason to lock your doors.)

Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You


I can’t even read this!

A good one is: Carla Bley Christmas Carols…I think to remember it’s instrumental.

First of all, Santa is ALWAYS listening.
Second of all, try this:


I have Vince Guaraldi cued up and waiting.

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When I’m in the Christmas spirit, I play The Kinks Father Christmas followed by ELP/Greg Lake’s I Believe in Father Christmas. The version on YouTube with Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull is a Classic ! There’s more but why are we discussing this 2 months away ?

Hahaha, is Mariah Carey really in the top 2 worst ever?

My favorite Christmas song…

Blink 182 - “Won’t Be Home for Christmas”

My nomination: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Christmas_Shoes_(song)

So terribly cheesy. My family says Christmas music season hasn’t really started until you’ve had to sit through this song :frowning:

Bootsy Collin’s Christmas album is a gas.

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Good stuff . . .