Feeding DS DAC. Bridge II vs MacPro USB connection

Hi there.
I would need some advice from more experienced audiophiles over here.
I am feeding my DirectStream DAC via iS2 with a PerfectWave CD transport. I am very happy how my CD’s sound. Amazing.

So my question comes about the best way to feed HiRes and DSD. I am not sure about the use of the Bridge II (and its restrictions in sample rates) or connecting my old MacBook Pro (2008) via USB and Audirvana or Roon software (music stored in a Synology NAS).

I am looking for the best sound quality possible.

I would appreciate your opinions.

Many thanks


Greetings - I own a DirectStream DAC but not the Bridge II. I’ve read enough posts from others who do that I’m confident suggesting you’ll have more success with your MacBook Pro option. In fact, many folks report better performance from their DSD after removing the Bridge II from the chassis. For streaming, I use a MBP with Audirvanna. Until recently, I connected the MBP to the DSD via USB (AQ Carbon) and the sound was very good. I say “recently” as I read through the 5,000+ posts regarding use of the Matrix X SPDIF 2 thread (quite an undertaking but worth the effort). As a result of what I learned, I upgraded my digital chain by adding the Matrix, a Teddy Pardo LPS and a RAL HDMI cable. My streaming experience (Tidal primarily) now rivals my PST/DSD and analog chain. The beauty is that you don’t have to go “all in” on day one. My suggestion would be to start with the Matrix, then add an LPS (several are suggested within the thread at various price points) and then upgrade cables (Matrix <> DSD and MBP <> Matrix). Again, lots of opinions and suggestions in the thread. Each step will provide a noticeable increase in your listening enjoyment. Enjoy!

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ViperRGD thank you so much for your quick response and recommendations. I am understanding that your Matrix+i2s combination (plus the power supply) works almost or even better than your PST.
Definitely I will take a look on this solution.
Let’s see if we get more recommendations from the Forum.
Thanks again.