Ferrite Cores

Do ferrite cores make a difference or do harm on Ethernet connections/cables?
One came with my PS Audio DMP and I seem to remember it should be placed close to the DMP.
I ask because I have pack of them.
Using Blue Jeans Cables 6a. Where if anywhere should they be placed?
Any insight would be helpful.

it this shielded or unshielded ethernet cable?

Believe it is shielded, but to be honest I don’t know.

if unshielded don’t bother. If shielded I put one at each end and one two thirds or three quarters of the way along. This is not especially scientifically based, and I didn’t notice any difference.

Nearly all 6A are shielded and nearly all 6 are not. Unlikely the ferrite cores will make any difference but they won’t ‘hurt’ the cable and likely won’t affect the sound.

If you have a ton of RF in the range the ferrite is designed to attenuate and your DAC is fed by Ethernet and it’s highly susceptible to RF in the range the ferrite reduces you may notice a difference but unlikely all these forces will match up perfectly.

Curious what cables, if any, should have Ferrite Cores put on them? @Paul seems to be opposed to using them on external cables from the video I just watched of him talking about it… Seems like RF is not a good thing to have, but if these were so good, you’d think all cables would just have them built in right? But for about $10 on Amazon you can get enough to hit every cable in your system twice!

They are fine for data cables if you want to quiet those down but I sure would stay away from them with audio cables. Try it! Those clamp on ones from Amazon slap right over the cable and certainly in these times where we’re looking for things to play with at home, why the heck not?

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Will do the $10 experiment and see what I find… I certainly don’t think they belong on speaker cable… so I’ll skip that, see how they affect power cables, and data cables separately.