Analysis Plus or Purist Audio Design cables?


I’m in need of some advice from people who are more seasoned that I am when it comes to HIFI audio gear. Just recently got my DS Jr DAC and M700 amps up and running. :slight_smile:

Now I’m in the process of upgrading all my cables.

Problem is that I have a pretty noisy RF environment because the source is my PC where the DAC and Amp sit close to it plus close to a Wifi router and Internet modem as well.

So I’m worried about RF/EMI affecting the sound.

Listening postion: Near-field. ie 1m - 1.5m.
Speakers: Dynaudio Special 40
Amps: M700

I’m currently looking at a set of cables consisting of:

  1. Analysis Plus Black Mesh Oval 9 speaker cables
  2. Analysis Plus Copper Oval XLR interconnects
  3. Analysis Plus Power Oval power cords
  4. Analysis Plus Sub Oval subwoofer cables


  1. Purist Audio Design Genesis speaker cables
  2. Purist Audio Design XLR interconnects
  3. Purist Audio Museus power cords
  4. Analysis Plus Sub Oval subwoofer cables

Given the information above… which would you use on your PS Audio system? Between these 2 companies, who has the reputation of giving more bang for buck?

Gosh, it sounds like the start of a great system. I haven’t tried either of these brands of cables so I can’t tell you directly. Go balanced in either case (which it looks as if you’re going to do) and then choose on how the synergy works in the system (if
you can audition). From the looks of their literature either brand has reasonably shielding.


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I use Analysis Plus cables. I have the Big Silver Oval speaker cables and Silver Oval XLR’s and I’m very happy with them. However, I have not heard any other speaker or interconnect cable in my system.

The first thing I would do is move all of that network gear into a closet or something, as far away as possible from the audio gear, including your PC. Max length for a USB cable is roughly 16 ft, I would use a very good quality USB cable and have the PC at least half that distance away from the DAC and system. Maybe even get some kind of USB interface that provides galvanic isolation for good measure.

And as Paul said, use balanced everywhere possible.

Hey Paul,

Yep. For sure I’m going Balanced interconnects because I need the RCA outs for the sub. But you know what this system needs? A BHK Jr. Preamp! :wink:

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Hi Chops,

Yeah unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of moving the system further away due to room size. Not to mention cabling costs will go up if I ever did it. :persevere:

So I’m willing to compromise but just want to make sure that do everything I can do minimize EMI between the cables.

I never thought EMI will too much of an issue but I unintentionally discovered it when I was trying some Kimber Hero XLR interconnects. I heard some slight interference come in the right speaker when I was listening in the near-field. When I checked the back of the system, lo and behold, the speaker wire was crossing with the Kimber wire. This is when I found out that Kimber Hero Interconnects aren’t shielded. :astonished: I always thought that all XLR Balanced Interconnects were shielded by design…

Know the problem! By doing before and after comparisons I found by re-arranging / moving the noisy stuff (particularly wire transmitter boxes) about 6’ away I got some benefit in improved SQ.

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Good Morning, have you not read the Iconoclast by Belden thread under cables? I strongly suggest you look it over and at least consider a comparison between what you at presently considering. There is no risk involved. Spend a few minutes as well on the site

I wish you the best in your search.

Hah! Wouldn’t that be a great product? Indeed, wish we had one.

Hey Bob,

I’ll check those out… thanks for the link!

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