Finally - Hi-Res Android=>USB player software!

I’ve just discovered USB Audio Player PRO, which plays Qobuz and Tidal high-res (and MQA, although I con’t care), and it costs an astronomical US$6.99!

I’m currently playing 192/24 Qobuz from my Pixel C, and it sounds excellent. I’ve barely begun to explore the package, but so far so good - no setup issues at all.

I had been trying to use iPods to output Roon to USB so I can try the Matrix I2S device, and had zero success. Although others have made this work, it never did for me, so I’ve been able to ditch iOS devices, which I strongly dislike. The Roon control/endpoint support on Android uses the built-in DAC, which limits it to 96/24, so that’s off the table for me - this one goes up to 384/24.

More on this excellent package later.