Streaming software options?

Directstream DAC Sr. Bridge II
What streaming software options do we have for streaming Qobuz and internet radio? I have been using MConnect Control HD, but it is horrible. Buggy, inconsistent and poorly designed interface, and at times completely nonfunctional. Are there other options?

BubbleUPnP (Android only) is rock-solid and Android’s share function offers browsing the Qobuz-/Tidal native app while select albums/tracks/playlists to enqueue and play in Bubble in the background.

For money, the class act is Roon.

Can I stream Qobuz and internet radio to the Bridge via Roon?

Thanks. Sounds interesting but I am iOS only. Guess I should have specified.

ROON is one of the best options. I’m iOS and I stream Tidal and Qobuz with ROON. They’ve improved their internet radio option and it’s quite good.

Thanks! I will give it a try.

Just checked out Roon. Seems it requires a “Core” (hardware and software). I’m only interested in streaming (still have a CD spinner) so I have no local library to manage, and I don’t want one. What is the point, with cloud and streaming services? Anyway, I think it needs to evolve to the cloud before it fits my needs.

Any other options?

You can try the Lumin app or Linn Kazoo and see if they will “see” the Bridge II. Never tried as I don’t have a problem getting MControl to work

I use Linn Kazoo as my control point, and it is excellent. However, it requires an OpenHome renderer to be active in order to stream to the Bridge. You can use Bubble UPNP server to do this, if you have a computer that is turned on and connected to your network while you play your music. (This does not have to be in the same room as the stereo.). Lumin likewise requires an OpenHome renderer.

Evolve to the cloud? Huh?

You don’t need a local library to enjoy Roon’s offerings. It treats streaming services (Tidal and Qobuz) exactly the same as it would handle local library metadata, and has a superior interface, IMO.

Best option, and at 33 cents a day…far from expensive, for what it offers.

Another vote for Roon here. The best interface and integration with local library (if you have one) Tidal and Qobuz.

When I started out streaming (well before Roon appeared) I tried several control point apps for our iOS device household. At that time the best I found was from Audionet however because of the strong recommendations the BubbleUPnP control app was receiving I took the plunge and bought an Android tablet. Well worth the relatively minor outlay in my opinion: several years later I can confirm BubbleUPnP is extremely robust and provides all the basic features needed for streaming (but without the surfeit(?) of info provided by Roon).
Just changed to dCS Mosaic as BubbleUPnP does not support gapless play on dCS hardware.

Roon will make Qobuz and Tidal so much better. Try it for a month. You will not regret it.