Finally....PerfectWave SACD Transport

Been looking every day for months.
The new PerfectWave SACD Transport is finally displayed on the transport webpage.



Its not $6k or $7k they met in the middle at $6499

Wow, happy they invested into the resurrection of the I2S DSD SACD transport after the Oppo disaster.

It looks better than its predecessor with a sleek simple function display and physical buttons. Much better than the blue shining touch screen that seemed to have difficulties showing the artwork flawless and quick.

The buttons could have been matte silver though to be in line with the style of the BHK Pre Amp round dial.

Hope they will work on a trickle down version for the Stellar line. Perhaps with fewer and simpler interfaces. Coax, Toslink and I2S, in line with the Stellar interfaces. But in the good looking Stellar enclosure.

Since I can’t possibly afford it I’m pretending it doesn’t exist. :wink:


You could always move to Europe and get the new Marantz SA-12. I suspect it has the same transport, includes a DAC and is half the price. Don’t think it is available in the USA.

I’d be on that in a heartbeat. Hey, Paul, can I preorder? :wink:

Did you look at the back it has 2 xlr digital outputs marked R & L right and left digital outputs?


This is what it is for double rate DoP

“2x XLR output for PCM and DoP. Use in tandem for Double-rate DoP”

WiFi updates is pretty cool, can it be a streamer?

Ummmm… . no. :wink:

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And doesn’t sound remotely the same or even close.

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Hi Craig. We are accepting preorders if you’re interested. It’s just a list of people at this point so if you’d like to add your name to the list, just email and they’ll take care of you.

It sounds unbelievably good. The first time Darren and I heard it compared to DMP we were floored. It’s got a beautiful drive in it but the biggest difference is how we handle the output stage. First time ever for galavanicly isolated digital audio for us.


Impressive, given the sound of the DMP.

Right. It has two XLR as well as two BNC to handle double rate DSD and 384 PCM. Those are so fast they require a DAC with split inputs to handle.

On PS Audio DACs, however, one only need use the I2S output/input and you get double rate DSD and 384 PCM without the twin outputs.


Simultaneously used dual digital connections come from the pro audio world.

There are, of course, many transport/CD player options including the Marantz SA-12. Anyone in the market will likely consider a number of competing units.

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It’s not out yet, being released this month for £3,000 or €3,000, so don’t think anyone outside Marantz knows how it sounds.

Fact is, not aware of anyone other than Marantz making SACD transports these days. Do TEAC have one for their Esoteric range? From what I read, the Marantz M3 transport is the OEM one various manufacturers use.

The M3 transport was first used in the SA-10 Ken Ishiwata Special and anything with his name on it generated a lot of buzz, and that unit received a huge amount of praise for both CD and SACD. Apparently it used a proprietary system and besides the SACD it converted PCM to DSD prior to the analogue output.

Marantz then did a Japanese special and this SA-12 seems to be a slimmed down version, removing expensive things like the double copper casing, enabling them to reduce the price by half. As I said, you have to move to Europe/Japan to get one, both of which use different voltages than the USA, so no grey imports.

Anyway, no way to move to Europe as currently travel from the USA is banned.

So if @lonson cannot afford the transport/DSD DAC combo, and it would be beyond me as well, I suspect options in the USA are limited.

I have a soft spot for Marantz as I had their CD-94 player for many years and loved it.

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Does this mean the Directstream will be getting an update to truly enjoy the full potential of the new transport?

I don’t think there are many SACD options. I’ve seen one or two European companies using the Marantz transport and they are way more expensive than the new PS Audio device. I seem to recall something like €20,000 or more. So you could say this new PS Audio unit is a bargain!!!