Is there a new CD player in the development pipeline?

Wondering if there is a new CD player in the development pipeline and if so, time frame for commercialization (If wishes come true:grin:

There is indeed.

We’ve got big plans for the successor to the DMP. It won’t be able to play SACD, though it will best the DMP on CD playback as well as providing several new and improved features. We’re giving our engineering team plenty of time to ensure we deliver an exceptional product so I don’t have a firm timeline. We’re looking at around 6-12 months, though.


Thanks for the response.

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Why no SACD? :astonished:

Because it is a proprietary format and requires an expensive license from Sony to send over a cable.

Thanks Elk! To bad!

Perhaps lessons learned from their last SACD attempt might have persuaded them not to try it again.

I wish they had someone else they could work with to share the SACD licence with and make a great transport base. Could they not use the last chip from the oppo ?

This has been discussed at length elsewhere on the Forums. Just please - don’t get Brodric Started ; )

Which is the very reason it is sometimes beneficial to repeat ourselves when somebody new comes along who is not aware of what has been discussed before.

To cut it brief. If you want SACD capability, buy an Esoteric (or one of the others that support the format, of which there are a few).

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No problem. My bad, badbeef. I just missed out on getting a DMP when they were for sale and I have a good size SACD collection. I’ll just have to rip via my OPPO 103. I didn’t mean to anything started.

DCS do it too.

No worries - it was a sort of long-running joke. You had to be there ; )

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You also need another laser than Redbook.

Not to necropost… but will the Stellar line be getting a player/transport?

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Man, CD transports are so passé. I would not waste one red cent on a CD transport…or a SACD transport.

I would much rather rip a CD or SACD and play it via Roon.


I have all my SACD’s ripped, but playing the SACD on the DMP always betters the sound of the same recording when playing the file from JRMC to DSD… Ditto for CD’s, which in many cases sound at least as good as 24/96 files played via JRMC.

I’m anxiously awaiting the Octave server to see if it’s sound quality can match the DMP, then maybe I’ll be willing to let go of it…


We’re all different. I’d rather spin a disc than mess with ripped files. I don’t care if something is passe or not. I’m with mourns on the great sound.


The only way the DMP could somehow make the SACD or CD sound better than playing ripped tracks is if it has a signal path that has less electrical noise. Maybe it’s because your path using JRMC is not as good as the DMP path. I use an I2S input on my DirectStream which is fed by an ultraRendu feeding a Matrix SPDIF-2…both using high quality extremely low noise linear power supplies. My setup should have less power and ground noise than the DMP. At worst it we be about the same. Since it is feeding the same digital data with the same or less noise, it will sound at least as good.

This is why CD transports are so passé…as are SACD transports to those than rip SACDs.

Not everyone has a DMP and that aren’t really going to be available much longer anyway. People that want to play music in multiple rooms or want the convenience of mass storage will not want something like the DMP anyway.

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@lonson - Lon - I have both Matrix and DMP. Some months ago I would say my DMP was not as good as my streaming: file (uncompressed flac and DSF) for redbook and SACD. Then I modified my DMP, now it sounds a tad better. I love the convenience of streaming and the whole CD collecting and tactile romance… It use to be 10% CD; however, lately it is 40% CD…

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