Fixing a poor selection of components


I hear ya about not sliding down the slippery slop of cables and cords. You are in another realm from the world I live in as I do not see spending 6 figures on such things. :slight_smile: Still, your caution is not lost on me.


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To everyone who have replied here…

Thank-you for your considered input and recommendations. You all have provided valuable information to ponder. I feel I am now better informed and will apply this information to the dicision process going forward.



Good idea. Wait until you know where your outlets are. If splitting up the amps and running longer interconnects and short speaker cables that might offer the best sound for the $.

And at the same time, you currently have a decent system, either way you choose to listen. And don’t let anyone talk you out of it :slight_smile:

Here’s the free option… Move and spend way too much time on speaker placement and set-up. Really get those things dialed-in correctly with a sound stage and imaging that makes you second guess where the speakers are in the room. Get some test discs (the book / disc PS has is nice), load up your favorite tracks, and keep experimenting. When you’ve got it to where you don’t think you can get it any better come back… describe what’s lacking… then pick components that make a difference in that area. Right now it’s too easy to say “upgrade everything” but it’s unclear if you’ll get a good return on that investment, or at least you won’t hear as much of a return, until your placement is perfect (your perfect).