Focal Aria 948 vs Focal Kanta 2

Ayone out there been able to compare the 948 and the Kanta 2s? I have 948 and thinking of moving up to the next tier in the Focal line. How much of a difference are we talking about ?

The danger IMHO, is not how much of a difference are we talking about vs the 948. It’s the case that you’ll likely to wonder how much of a difference if you upgrade everything up chain after upgrade to the Kanta 2.

That’s my experience since I bought my K2 2 years ago, and upgraded everything up chain is what I did. I still think imy electronics and cables are holding the speakers back, not the other way around. I had KEFs before and Ohm Walshes before that. Sorry not a direct answer to what you are asking.


What amp/preamp were you/are you using with your K2?

With my KEFs, I had a Yamha SA2000 intergrate. After the K2, I upgrade my amps twice, first to a pair of PS audio M700s, then to a BHK250. I upgraded my preamps twice since, first to a Mcintosh C22, now a Mcintosh 2700. Upgraded my DACs twice, first the MK1 now the MK2. and Yes, I still think my current electronics are holding the speakers back.

Edit: added a P15 regenerator as well.

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I currently have M700/SGCD. Would like to move to a tube pre, ARC LS28 or Ref SE5. I may have an opportunity to score some K2s at a great price.

I’d say go for it if it is deal. They just keeps on giving as long as your room isn’t overly big, That’s the only situation I can think of needing a speaker upgrade: a house upgrade.

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@wudai_e, you haven’t mentioned fuses, feet, or even cables yet.
Details man! We’re curious.


Kanta 2 is definitely more resolving, and I believe the flax drivers are improved over the Aria range as well. They are revealing of improvements you make upstream, as mentioned earlier.
I’m running HMS/TT2 into either M700 or Pass Labs INT-30A. The Kantas show how incredibly differently the two amps are balanced, how they image, their strengths and weaknesses.
They maintain their balance at different volumes as well. They throw a deep soundstage when played quietly and sitting as little as 7 feet away, but sitting 16 feet away and cranking them they sound in their element, too.

I’ve had mine for 15 months and adore them, so take my biased view with a grain of salt.


Those are where the speakers keeps on taking lol, from my wallet, for 2-3 weeks of fun at a time. I’m adverse to trauma, so I’d save everyone from the rabbithole: DON’T GO THERE haha.


Having The Aria 948s as well and know how well they show off upgrades
in my system…(fuses in particular the new SR Master)

Have wondered about the Kanta 3s with the be tweeters…

I saw a comparison of the Kanta 3 vs Sopra 3 …it seems
that the flax cone on the Kanta give more texture than the
Sopra 3s , but the Sopra 3s having a more liquid presentation,
with greater resolution over the Kanta 3…

Would really like to hear a demo of the 3s

Meanwhile the 948’s give me great enjoyment.

Best wishes