Focal Electra Line to Kanta a step forward?

Hi All,
Looking to get some feedback, opinions, thoughts on the Kanta line and how it compares to what they replaced, Electra series. I have a set of 1038be- I have it paired with the BHK 250 AMP/BHK PREAMP in a medium sized room. I recently had the opportunity to bump up to the Kanta 2 for a reasonable cost and was curious about whether or not this is an actual step forward, or more of a lateral move. The 1038s have higher end (or more expensive) cone material in the W cone which are actually more difficult to produce and are seen in focal’s higher priced models, such as Sopra, compared with the Kanta’'s inherited Flax driver from the entry level line Aria series. I understand there is the sloped cabinet, denser front baffle and perhaps an updated BE Tweeter? While it certainly looks prettier, is it actually a step up, or just a great speaker with a more approachable esthetic? Maybe I answered my own question, but perhaps some of you have had an A/B comparison experience that may shed some more insight. Be well/Stay Safe.

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Hi cocobean,

I currently have Aria 948s in my system and room (15’x25’) they are very quick detailed and highly 3D.

Your 1038s are even better… more responsive and detailed due to be tweeter and you have 3) 7" woofers

The Kanta 2 has 2) 6.5 woofers plus be tweeter…yes the Kanta 2 uses flax drivers
however my thinking is that the Kanta line may have updated materials in the flax
drivers increasing their responsiveness, along with upgraded design and components in the crossover.

In your particular listening room the Kanta 2’s bass output may be less than your 1038be’s…it would be good to know room size as this often times affects the overall

Having said that…perhaps the new Kanta lines are more revealing than the former
Electra line it is now replacing…I don’t think Focal would have stepped backwards
in sound quality with respect to the Electra series.

Music Direct has a trade up program…you could home trial the Kanta speakers
if they satisfy you then ship your Electras to MD… Only if you can do it…get the Kanta
3s will probably pressurize (fill) your room better than the 2s…but it is a big chunk
of change for the 3s…trade up can help that quite a bit… just my .02

Hope this helps…

Lovin’ my Arias…

Thank you for your reply. You raise good points. My understanding is that the bass with the flax driver is quicker, but not as weighty as the W drivers. So, room size will certainly play a major role. Currently, I have the 1038s in an open Livingroom space that leads into a kitchen with 11f ceiling. I am however designing a listening room with dims approx 21x14x8…I think both options can live in either without compromise, may come down to a matter of taste. I will say, the Electra are HEAVY and not much fun to move.

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cocobean…not to worry about weight of flax vs the W drivers…my Arias can belt out
both tight and fullness to volumes my ears can tolerate even with 35db reduction protective ear plugs.

My listening room is also an L shaped designed also opening to the kitchen…
even so my Arias can bring the “house down” if pushed to do so. :innocent:

As far as weight my Arias are 77 lbs apiece your Electras are 112 lbs each…the Kanta 3s are 116lbs each…

The motor drive on the Kantas are of even better design than my Arias…perhaps even
the Electras as well.
My Arias have yet to show any sign of distress or bottoming out.

My .02 is go with the Kanta 3s. Me thinks you will well please with them…
Give them a home tril of 60 days from MusicDirect…if you like keep if not return…

I had to have a friend travel quite a distance to help me set up my Arias as my lower
back would not allow me…so I fully understand the weight thing…

Hope this helps you.

Thanks David, I should have been more specific. Weighty, as in musically, not weight differential of material. I am also looking at the Kanta 2. Did not know the Kanta 3 weight was that heavy. think the Kanta 2 were about 80lbs each.

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Understood …simply muddled the 2 things…sorry about that…

My Arias have a lot of musical heft and deal out the weight with the greatest of ease…
btw I don’t have subs it is purely on the Arias own merits.

Sorry if I muddled up the 2 in my previous post

No Problem. I tend to type without really catching up to my thoughts, so often not very clear. Yeah, I am not using a sub, but that may change once I relocate rooms. The electra do a fine job with the bottom end. that said, I am sure with a sub in place, I would certainly hear the difference.

Just curious cocobean …what caught your attention regarding the Kantas?

I would really like to upgrade to the Kanta 3s but prudence bids me to wait n see…

They popped up on sale locally and I thought since they were “newer” came with a warranty, I like the design and asthenic so thought I’d give them ponder, but keep flip flopping. A part of me thinks, save a bit more, sell the Electra and by Sopra 2 if I want a bigger leap forward.


That sure would be a leap forward…

Best wishes and happy hunting and trails to you friend!

@cocobean1 Did you ever purchase the Kanta 2’s? I’ve been reading up on them myself, and just wondering if you got them and how they pair up with your BHK’s, thanks!

Loving my Kanta 3’s. Did not have electra’s though so can’t compare. I listened to the Kanta 2’s but with a larger room I wanted the bigger version. They sound great but not as bright as I expected from the beryllium tweeters, they dialed those back I think I’m the crossover. I also love the esthetics. They look really good to me. If I was braver I would have taken the gauloise blue ones or the white fronts.



No. I kept my 1038s and focused on a dedicated listening room. I felt the chNge was too small and A lateral move. I’m waiting on a deal for Sopra 2. To pop up. I hear that the Kanta are outstanding.

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I was able to demo the 1028 with the Kanta 2, and I thought they sounded very different. The Electra strengths were perhaps a little bigger sound and thicker bass. The Kanta seemed a bit midrange focused, and actually a wee bit thin in the bass (but as you said, quicker). On the other hand, the Kanta tweeter was quite superior, extremely smooth and high resolution without being at all bright or sibilant. The drivers are also really different, much more texture and natural sound to the F cones, where the Ws in the 1028 were more smooth, plasticy, artificial.

I will say though, there was something weird in the lower midrange/mid-bass with the Kanta 2 that is a bit hard to describe, and the 1028s seemed more balanced in comparison.

Going from 3 woofers to two and a seemingly smaller enclosure, you would lose some weight for sure. If you really like the W cones, definitely wait for a Sopra. But the F cones are pretty cool, and warmer tweeter is pleasant, so I wouldn’t write off the Kanta 3s.

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While I am very happy with Aria 948s, the Kanta 3 or the Sopra 2
is where i would like to go eventually the price difference between those 2 is small enough to maybe go up to Sopra 2…time will tell
where I go with this…

Meanwhile very happy with my Aria 948s…

Happy listening guys :musical_score: :notes: :musical_note: :musical_keyboard: :guitar: :saxophone: :trumpet: :violin:

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