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This sounds good to me. If someone creates such a thread I am happy to pin it.

Thanks @JeffofArabica.

You are very welcome sir!

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@Elk, I just created a new compendium thread to be pinned… let me know if it looks ok. Mahalo Nui

Looks great!

Excellent work, gentlemen. This is a real asset.



Thanks Brett66 and Cardri… I do use Roon as well and with your tips was able to get it all to work out… Appreciate it!

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I’ll try… is the only Mike Dawes track on Qobuz.
Added that track to my newest audiophile list.
John Gomm is not available.

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Moving UK account to USA?
Given that the Qobuz USA store has been operational for some time, I am considering to move over from the UK store where I originally subscribed, to the USA store. I live in the USA. The Qobuz site just says to contact customer service. I remember reading in the past that you basically have to delete your account in the UK store and re-register from scratch in the USA store (and lose or re-do favorites using Soundiiz). Or is this smoother now? Does anyone have recent experience with this?

No, what you stated still applies. I reached out to them about a month ago and got the same information. Tis a shame. But thank goodness for Soundiiz. It will not however save our Favorites, which are vast in my case.

I am not sure the content differences between UK and US, or which one I’d prefer. Regardless, the UK account is costing me more than the US account - €299 vs. $299.

Hey Richard,i saw that picture from your Roon setup and in lower right corner i see that you are using Device volume. Change it to Fixed and let me know if it sounds better :blush:
For me and all of my friends setups Fixed sounds way better. Just a heads up…


@Somppsa - I just finished reading the Roon volume level information shown below. I will spend a few days digesting the SQ ramifications. However, common sense dictates having DAC & PRE volume control, this is not necessary and for my setup just another processing step with zero added benefit. Thanks for your help.

Volume Control Mode

There are a few options that pertain to all platforms. Those, we’ll describe here:

Use Device Controls causes Roon to pass volume commands on to your device via the device’s driver. Exactly what happens next varies from device to device. If your device advertises a high-quality volume control over USB, it’s likely that this is the setting that you want.

DSP Volume uses Roon’s built-in 64bit dithered volume processing. This is a high quality option, but should not be your first choice for hardware that provides volume control natively.

Fixed Volume disables volume control from within Roon, sending a fixed-level output signal to the audio device. Use this setting if you plan to control volume elsewhere–for instance, on your pre-amplifier or AV receiver.

It’s there to solve problems–if you don’t have problems, you don’t need it!

Generally the problems this solves are phrased like like “I’m not getting full-volume output even though I have Roon set to Fixed Volume mode or the Software Volume slider is at the maximum”, or sometimes “I’m not getting bit-perfect playback, even though I’m in Fixed Volume Mode”.

Maybe your device’s controls are being manipulated by other software or by the OS, and you want Roon to set them back to a known state each time. Maybe your device boots up at 20% volume every time, and you need Roon to reset it for you. Whatever the case may be, if you’re having problems like that, try this setting out and see if it helps.

Fixed it is…

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For me sound difference is obvious immediately. Better flow ,just better in every way with Fixed settings. Maybe not best topic for this ,but I´m curious how others hear/use that setting. Different setups, different results?

I downloaded playlists too and found a lot of familiar songs and lots of new stuff. Excellent work everyone involved,thanks a lot :blush:

In the end it´s all about music…

I’m a Sonos user and plan on starting a trial of Qobuz on my Sonos system soon. I know from prior experience that using the fixed volume setting for my audio gear sounds significantly better than using the Sonos app to adjust the volume. It sounds like Roon has a similar issue.

An endless flow of melodies stream thru golden plugs and silver wire… Here’s another one of those ponds filled with joy and happiness for you to keep… Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey…

And since I am packing for my annual trip to West Texas here’s the beta version of the audiophile collection… Not completely full yet, but almost…

See ya…

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Thank you again for your efforts!

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Just stumbled upon this Audiophile Style 50 Qobuz playlist


I just got an email announcing Studio Premier will be $14.99 when my monthly subscription renews :crazy_face:

Qobuz has offered a price drop for Qobuz Studio users to $14.99/month, or $149.99 annual. If you currently have an annual subscription they will prorate it.