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I’ve been a Qobuz (Hi-Fi Sublime+) user for many years already. Thru the years I compiled a couple of audiophile playlists. Just by browsing other lists, mostly on Spotify. But also by reading stuff on Stereophile and whatnot. The ones that I liked and were available on Qobuz and halfway decent sounding I added to the list. Because it’s a beautiful saturday today I will share these lists with y’all. Each list has about 100 entries. Happy listening…


Wow! Very kind sir! I’ll continue the trend with a few playlists of my own. Sharing playlists is a great way to spice up the streaming repertoire and possibly discover some new music.


@Ronaldwanders, I can’t thank you enough for sharing these playlists! What a motherlode! I am just now starting playlist 2. Very enjoyable conglomeration of different genres that check the box for both being enjoyable and sounding great.

I can tell you put a lot of work into these playlists (100 songs per!) and just wanted to express my appreciation.


WOW! Thanks so much - ear candy galore!

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Jeff, are you sure you made your playlists “PUBLIC” since I can only access two of them…?

Thanks All


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Ah crap! Rookie mistake! I checked the “public” box on the problem playlists. All should be fine now.

Here’s another with 79 songs from the 60’s and 70’s…

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Thank you so much for sharing!

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Thanks for sharing!
Highly appreciated!

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Thank you all, for sharing.

Is there a “simple” way to look for these play lists via Roon? I have a Tidal account and a Qobuz beta account. I only listen to the services’ applications when I am on the go or on my office system. Can I search by your names or something?


When you save a playlist to Tidal or Qobuz, you should be able to access them across platforms (i.e. Desktop Application, Mobile App, Roon, Audirvana, Mconnect, etc.).

These are Qobuz playlists so click on the links while logged into your Qobuz software or app. Once you save them you should be good to go. If you want to create these same playlists in Tidal, use the web-based tool Soundiiz to convert them from Qobuz to Tidal. It is a super quick and easy tool to use, although you will want to pay for the subscription otherwise you have to do one song at a time. It is actually reasonably priced. I use both Tidal and Qobuz and always will as I have found enough differences in their libraries to justify both. Plus, they each have their own flavor of house-made Playlist that I enjoy.


Thank you.


Added playlist number 10, which is still a work in progress:
I added @michael-denmark’s work in number 9 and number 10.
I also added some stuff from @JeffofArabica’s work to number 9.


I can’t see how to get these playlists into my Qobuz account on Roon? Can you advise?

Don’t try to add them through Roon. Use a browser to access the Qobuz web player on your computer or the Qobuz app on your phone or tablet. Once logged in to Qobuz, come back here to this thread and click on the links and select to play them via the Qobuz app or web player. Once the playlist is open within whatever native Qobuz app/web player you are using, click on the 3 dots so that you can “Subscribe” to the playlist. Once this occurs, you can go back to Roon and it should be visible through the Qobuz integrated feature within Roon.


You the man Jeff… :sunglasses:

There is no subscribe to select when playing in either the web player or the app for a pc???

Do you see a Heart icon? If so, click on that and it should turn red.

Thanks so much. Heart icon works great. Thanks for your work.

Easy-peasy. Thanks Jeff!