For Qobuz users

@ronaldwanders Tidal Qobuz “Audiophile Demo” Playlists

Wanders is Anders 1
Wanders is Anders 2
Wanders is Anders 3
Wanders is Anders 4
Wanders is Anders 5
Wanders is Anders 6
Wanders is Anders 7
Wanders is Anders 8
Wanders is Anders 9
Wanders is Anders 10
Wanders is Anders 11
Wanders is Anders 12
Wanders is Anders 13
Wanders is Anders 14
Wanders is Anders 15
Wanders is Anders 16
Wanders is Anders 17
Wanders is Anders 18
Wanders is Anders 19
Wanders is Anders 20
Wanders is Anders 21
Wanders is Anders 22


Wow, great work. Thanks so much for doing this!


Thank you both, these will keep me listening for a good long time

And less searching for the diamond in the proverbial new music rough

Great stuff, Jeff!

Perhaps a list of the @ronaldwanders Quboz and corresponding Tidal playlist links could be pinned at the top of the Music forum? Presumably one day this thread will drift into obscurity. With the links pinned, if that’s the right word, at the beginning of the Music forum, then future forum wanderers can easily “stumble” across this treasure trove of countless curation hours… its well over 3000 tracks, which means Ronald auditioned many times more, that’s a lot of work… just a thought…


I created a new thread titled, “For Tidal Users” that links back to Tidal playlists in this thread

Good idea! My thought for @Elk is to pin these permanently to the top of the “Music” forum because over time these threads will drift away as new threads take over. @ronaldwanders has done so much valuable curation work, that it would be nice if the links could be always easy to find at the start of the Music thread, especially for new members who don’t know about them to start with. Of course, its up to Elk.

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I think that is a great idea!

Seconded. Nice idea. I think we have been talking too much about equipment. Too little about music.

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A great idea.

I have pinned this thread to the top of the Music sub-forum. Each user can unpin it of they would like so they need not see this thread at the top every time they visit the music sub-forum.

I suggest renaming the thread to make it clear what is within the thread. Suggestions?

Should we clean up the thread, start a new thread, or do something else so that people need not dig through 150+ posts over two years to find the good stuff? Or does the thread stand well enough on its own as it is? I am happy to move posts or create a new thread if someone tells me what is valuable (I know little of Qobuz).

Again, excellent idea.

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I have looked further into what pinning a topic does.

Once a user views the topic list with a pinned topic, the pinned topic is no longer pinned for that user. In essence, pinning a topic means “should be read at least once.” If a user wants to keep the topic readily available he needs to Bookmark the topic.

Overall this seem to be a good approach. Everyone will see the topic at least, but they do not need to keep seeing it if they do not want to.

An option to pinning would be to establish a Reference category with useful stuff.

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If someone could repost the procedure for copying in playlists into TIDAL, that would be appreciated.

Simply open them in either Tidal app or Tidal web site while logged in and then ‘Heart’ them, they’ll be added to your playlists.

I would create a new thread and title in order to clarify what the thread is, and to not make people scroll through so many posts across two threads.

The title could be “Ronald’s Epic Quboz & Tidal Playlist Collection”

A brief explanation could say “Forum member @ronaldwanders has tirelessly created, to date, 34 curated popular Quboz playlists. @JeffofArabica has graciously converted them to Tidal. Enjoy!”

Then post all 34 of Ronald’s Quboz links. And then the same with all of Jeff’s Tidal links.

They can add new links as Ronald creates them.

@EaglesMan - Once you heart the playlist while you are in Qobuz or Tidal, go back in Roon Tidal or Qobuz and open your Qobuz or Tidal playlists and there is the playlist.

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He may not be using Roon. Didn’t say.

Room will sync with streaming services approximately every hour automatically or you can go into settings, services, edit the service and manually select sync now

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Yeah - so many different ways to set up… very cool to have so many options

@ronaldwanders - Ronald - just got a chance to listen to the playlists… thanks for putting this together. This is not my usual music; however, when I need a rock fix… this does the trick… :nerd_face::sunglasses:

Lovin’ Fink - percussion acoustic… thanks.
You listen to Mike Dawes or John Gomm?

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