Found amazing quality cables very affordable just wanted to share

This Gentleman will make you any cable you need. They outperform cables 40x their price. I can confirm that too. This is not an ad I am just a very pleased customer of his. The sound quality given the price is simply amazing. We are talking very little money. I am exceptionally pleased with these. In fact I just replaced Nordost Odin II with a set and they are in fact better! I am simply amazed at this. I am very glad I found him. He also repairs all audio equipment at low prices. Check his listings on Ebay or Etsy. He will custom build anything with very quick turnaround.


Thanks, very interesting. Which cable did you get? I see the Odin II power cable costs $17K :sunglasses:

Gee thanks. Just saw this same post on another audio forum. Can you spell S-P-A-M.

I know I spammed it but I was so happy. I just wanted everyone to know. They were 2 Meter interconnects $48,000. Come on if I feel it is better than that for around 1 bill yes, I am going to spam it LOL.

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Dyson Audio on Ebay also makes great cables even cheaper but I feel they are not as good as Amplifier surgery’s ones. Either of them will make you anything custom you want. Either of them markup is about 15% so they can make something for their work. Store bought cables are marked up to 500%+.