Has anyone tried Underwood HiFi cables?

Anyone who’s dealt with Walter at Underwood HiFi knows he offers some of the best bang for your buck deals on audio gear. The only downside is he doesn’t offer a trial period, except on speakers. I’m tempted to try some of his cables, but there’s not a whole lot of feedback as of yet.

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Gary, the Gold model power cord (PC) came with my Equi-Core and I tried it with my old PC (TG Audio by Bob Crump (RIP)), first, with unimpressive results. Then, I tried it with the Gold PC from Wally and…big positive improvement resulted.

YMMV depending on your present PC’s…and I would expect that the PSA cords will be even better than Wally’s Gold, but as they say in Mexico, “Quien Sabe???”…who knows. (-:

I have one of his Diamond power cables and I’m very pleased with it.

Didn’t you say the Diamond power cord is better than the WW Platinum Electra 7? If it is, it might be in my future when I decide to get another power cord. I am using a Platinum 7 right now and it beats just about everything I tried.

Not me, I don’t own any fancy Wireworld power cables. I have chosen fancy Shunyata power cables. I think I’ll perhaps choose Walters Diamonds for future needs. Although my new Sigmas are so very impressive. (just four times the cost of Walters cables)

Then we don’t have a good comparison on how good his cables are. I wonder if there’s any guinea pigs out there with some light on the matter. Walter claims his top cables compares with $10k+ cables from other companies at a fraction of the cost. He keep sending me flyers to check out his superior line of cables that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Of course I’m skeptical until someone can prove otherwise.

I had been using his Diamond power cable on my DSD until my Shunyata Sigma arrived. It came and I swapped the Sigma for the Diamond. At the same time I swapped a Shunyata Delta NR for a Sigma feeding my P20. The system sounds noticeably better. I can and will swap the Diamond for the Sigma on the DSD and report back as to any change I might hear. Not today though, I am bushed.