FR driver technology into IRS?

I wonder if when its time to replace drivers on my IRS Beta if PSAudio drivers could be made to size or otherwise fit to them?

Hello, while I’m glad that your infinity speaker are still in good working order, we did not design these to be replacements for the Infinity units. Ours aren’t designed to play lower than 250-300 Hz and are much different sizes. Also, we do not sell these drive units separately.

Thanks Chris. Well then, when it’s time I’ll then have to get FR’s!

Have not auditioned them but all I have read speaks volumes (no pun intended).

How is your IRS Beta doing?
My Infinity Modulus is 32 years and still going strong

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They are great. I had Watkins redo all the woofers, and I went over the crossovers (welded back some components) when one of the mid/high frequency wings had a dead EMIM.

There are some drivers that are unobtanium but I’m hoping that Bob Douglas will take that project up when its time.

I contacted @Paul over email and he gave me some suggestions and words of encouragement when I had issues with the Servo Controller. Humbled by his willingness to help!

There is another great source of info in Germany (Mr. Hartmut Bayer at Bayer Soundwerkes). When I had issues with the Servo Controller, he responded to my email with a “call me” and he had me go through his step by step test protocol. Again, humbled by the camaraderie in our hobby.

How are the Modulus sounding?

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Still very clean and uncolored. Less magic than some newer speakers, and a little restrained (weak) in the upper bass because of the small woofers, but they still look fantastic and still sound pleasant. They still need a crossover to prevent the main speakers from seeing anything below 140hz, and the small Infinity control box works still works well. I also have a newish Parasound preamp that has a high pass filter that I can also use


They look perfect!

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