From the AT&T Archives: A Modern Aladdin's Lamp

Amazing Western Electric’s Tube manufacturing …how about
50,000 hour life span tubes !!


Amazing machines and an incredible amount of hand work.

The 300B tubes are neat to see being made. The monster tubes are really something as well.

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Glad you enjoyed it Elk…I really enjoy these historical

My hope is that many will enjoy watching these as well…

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Amazing indeed the amount of hard concentration and patience
displayed by the assembly teams and engineers…

The followed by quality control testing…

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The people making the tubes were truly skilled.

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Imagine doing this intense focus tasks for 8 hour shifts daily…along
with a very high qc required each time…

Wow special people, ladies doing something I would be hard pressed
to do repetitively day after day…

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Amazingly Western Electric 300B tubes are in high demand because
precisely of the care and quality control involved in their manufacture.

Today a matched pair still avaialable at tubedepot for a mere
$9995.00 affordable price…gulp…

Though apparently Western Electric has risen fromthe ashes of extinction to
production again in Georgia…