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Thought I would start this thread on tube related sites for sourcing or education or both

This particular site is where I sourced the G73R pair and has a lot of nos tubes for sale. They communicated well in English and I received the tubes within a week, including passing through customs

They are located in Italy

Vintage Audio & New Old Stock audio tube (


A buddy sent this link. It looks like Western Electric is wondering which tube models are of interest to potential customers.

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Frank’s Electron tube Pages - Foreign Substitutes for American Types (



For all the Decware fans
Some good info on the 300B amp and Cryotone Tubes


Got the message from Steve this morning. Seems it may come in at $3,000 as Steve has mentioned the 300B tubes represent 50% of the unit cost. I’d say as he is in the development stage the price may be optimistic, but let’s see what magic the House of Decware can work with these Western Electric 300Bs.

I have purchased two sets of NOS tubes from Brent Jessee in the past year, and the tubes are sounding wonderful as promised. I can recommend him as a trusty NOS seller.

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I’m curious if anyone has had dealings with this group good or bad. I am interested in some of the tubes they have available

They are based in Turkey and the FAQ section is less than helpful

I have one of those 300B amps from Steve on order. . . I’m about 300 from the top of the queue. I have had very different experience with the Cryotone tubes. I bought a pair of 6SN7 that were expensive and rather disappointing in sound. Yes, it’s possible they will outlast the RCA gray glass I like a lot more, but if they don’t sound as good I’m not wanting to listen to them longer. And I bought a pair of the 615P output tubes and they do sound a bit better and hopefully will last longer. . . but they cost about five times the cost of others I have bought.They are not going to last five times longer.