gain cell dac with s300 single power amp

Old setup–Belcanto dac 1.5, Belcano ref500s,

remaining setup

psaudio nuwave phone convertor

VPI classic-with

using the xlr analog output to the xlr analog input on the gain cell

Dynaudio Focus 260 Dynaudio powered sub running off of the line out from the gain cell

win10 based all solid state pc w/jriver

all cables and power cords are excellent quality

most of my files are FLAC

1st impressions

with in a few moments the bass was more controlled and seemed deeper–not only from lp but digital as well.

I find w/ music I am familiar w/ significant improvement all aspects of the sound, instrument separation is better, i am not setting the volume so high (I believe the Gain Cell is responsible for this) The VPI is the star of the system. There are sounds in the grooves of my lp’s that have suddenly emerged.

When running netflix or amazon prime video I find that I can here what is being said better.

When using youtube for music i am just blown away at the improvement in the sound.

I will update on this later

Cheers all

Thank you to all the great staff at psaudio