Gain Cell Dac

I am feeding the GCD with a Node 2i via both digital and analog outs and running Roon software front end. I am finding that the digital coax input is MUCH louder than the analog in to the preamp section. I previously had this same setup, same cables, into a Peachtree Nova300 and did not have this issue. Is this normal? There is a “considerable” volume difference.

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I used to won a GCD. The SPDIF coax input volume was quite similar to the analogue XLR input except when playing DSD files using DOP protocol. I never tested/used GCD RCA line inputs.

What’s weird is the volume in Roon and on the Node is all fixed not variable yet I have a considerable volume difference between the digital and analog inputs on this GCD. I have never experienced this with any pre amplifier I ever used. I have also tried using each different analog in 1, 2, and 3 with the same result.

GCD built-in DAC may be louder than the one within Node! I would opt for the better sounding / more realistic sounding input and ignore the gain.

The output from a digital source will usually be more constant unless the source is using some digital attenuation. Analog output from a device can vary quite a bit. My suspicion is that the COAX will sound considerably better.

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There is old discussion on this. Stellar Gain Cell DAC different volume with different inputs

I notice the difference when I got the SGCD years ago.
So, I test it again today. Using a old Sony DVD player, digital coax to SGCD IN6, and Analog RCA to SGCD IN2. Set SGCD vol at about 10 for IN6 (digital), need about 13 for IN2 (analog) to roughly match the vol.