SGCD Digital in?

Hope anybody here can tell me what i’m missing to make the SGCD sing with coaxial input

I just unbox the SGCD today and start connect to the M700s and using the CXN V2 as source with AQ Carbon coxial cable connect to.

i tested on analog inputs and they work OK - all of them . but i can not make the coaxial / optical input work - two of them sound nothing (???)

I’m missing somthing ? enable DAC … etc and where to set them on , on the remote there is nothing say DAC, … just the filter selection
Currently have to use the analog with RCA cable to burn in the SGCD.

BTW, the GCD is amazing, hear so much beautiful sounds that the Cambridge Audio combo could not deliver
Very well done guys - @ PSA


I found the issue that i’m connecting the coxial input of the streamer :slight_smile: instead of coxial output


From memory, you only change the input to digital coaxial. The GCDAC sounds very good using SPDIF coaxial. It treats digital inputs as any other inputs. nothing says DAC Edit: glad you’ve sorted it.

One more big issue that the GCDS plays with maximum output when in digital coaxial cable, can not volume down that can make my ear deaf . i can not control it or turn the volume of the GDS down
I’m missing somewhere ?

Does the mute button work? Does the remote turn it on and off?

yes it does, but unmute then it maximum loud that can destroy the speakers

So, if you turn the volume down manually, it stays high?

manual down just work with analog input only, digital like coaxial did not effect , not trying I2S, Optical yet

No, it should work for all inputs

have no idea, it should right ?

Take a moment to read the manual. It could be one of those settings using the push button next to display. Sorry, I have a bad memory.

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I entered the setup, lower down thge maximum volume ahf HP maximum volume to only 30, but seems no work with digital inputs

Cancel the HT (home theatre) settings?


@jamesh : you have any idea with what going on ? Need you help

What does the HT relate to the coaxial setting ? the GCD should work out of the box right ?
Did you need to do something before you can use the coxial input ?

DAC Mode should be changed from the settings screen
I just remembered. You definitely need to disable the DAC mode so it feeds the preamp volume control.

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It is set to bypass your preamp and feed another preamp. This bypasses the volume control and puts it at full voltage.

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Oh damn it. i got it, work now

It’s damn good with coxial input.

Good good, good i love you Serhan he he he he he


I am glad I could be of help. Please do not keep the amp on a soft surfeace for too long. Protect your hard earned money!

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just take them out to troubleshoot since they are all silent .
Shut them down now and put into tray of the bookself

Serhan, the GCD have multple power input from the inlet port i see them printed:

100 : T250 2A
120: T250 1.6 A
230: T250 1A

does that mean i can use either 100 grid or 230 without issue?
@jamesh The GDS is not voltage specific right ?