GOOD "VIBRATIONS" for PSA forum buds from Steve Herbelin [Herbie's Audio Lab]

Great and generous offer from Steve Herbelin [Herbie’s Audio Lab].

I know we have discussed Steve’s products here so here is a chance to add more or to test them if you have not already.

Thanks again to Steve for this offer exclusive to PSA forum members and thanks to Paul McGowan for allowing me to post this on the forum.


Thanks for the interest and proposal, Gordon. I have set up a 5% Shopping

Cart Coupon discount that’s good for all products and all orders through the

month of April, and is active now. The discount is in addition to any

quantity discounts that would apply otherwise. No particular rules or

requirements, except that the coupon expires at the end of the month.

Some of our products have quantity discounts, for example if you purchase four or more vacuum tube

dampers or eight Tenderfeet, the prices drop a little from the “each” price.

Also, all orders have a quantity discount of 1% per $100 ordered, to a

maximum 10%. Our volume and quantity discounts are all explained on our

website and are automatically applied by the Shopping Cart.

The Shopping Cart Coupon code is: PSAUDIO

(The code is not case-sensitive.)

We keep our prices as low as reasonably possible and don’t have much

wiggle-room for discounts, aiming to have the same low prices/great value

available to everyone at all times. This seems like a reasonable temporary

promotion though

Best regards,

Steve Herbelin

Herbie’s Audio Lab

Thank you, Steve!

(And Gordon and Paul!)

Thanks Steve and all involved.

I’ve tried many of the products. I use regular Tenderfeet under PWD and PWT along with the Powerbase. I use Extra Tall Extra Firm Tenderfeet under my P-10 and amplifiers. Don’t forget to order a couple of SuperSonic Stabilizers for each component. They make quite a difference. I like them better than the VPI Brick. I’ve also used the TubeDampers with all the tubes in my Ref 3. It kept them from being micro phonic and increased the dynamics.

I did like the Super Black Hole CD Matt as well.

Herbie’s Hush Puckies did wonders under the cones of my SOTA turntable. They cleaned up the sound and kept the turntable from sliding on the hard surface of my SolidSteel rack. They also keep spikes from making holes in the tops of your racks.

I use the Deluxe Superior Decoupling Spike under my subwoofers.

Products to try:

Baby Booties under power supplies and laptop. I’ve always wanted to give the IsoCups a shot as well. I suspect for those who like to tweak, placing Grungebusters under the toroidal transformers in your components could have benefits as well.

You really can’t go wrong with Herbie. Give him a call he always has good recommendations and the best auditioning period in the business.

Steven B-)

Steven, if you are stacking your PWT and PWD, do you use a set of tenderfeet under both or just under the bottom component?

I place the tenderfeet beneath the component(s) and shelf, and if stacked, between separate components.

Yes. I would do that. For the PWT place a tenderfoot under the cd drawer and the front right corner along with two in rear corners. For the PWD place one underneath bridge area 1 in rear left. In front 1 in left corner and on right move it about 4 inches to the right and two inches back. Use Stabilizers on top of each. I like two on PWD and 1 above PWT transport. Good luck and have fun.



Of course, all the above between the component and the PB. :wink:


Yes sir. Looks like I did omit that detail. As for my setting above the placement of Tenderfeet are just for starters. Mileage and detail depend on equipment, frequency, and level of sonic waves emanating from your stereo.

Getting great results with the tenderfeet. I have 8 within my PWT/PWD/PB setup. Think I might have to test the Hush Puckies on my turntable/PB setup.

+1 on above comments and recommendations, I’m a huge fan of Herbie. Stacking two SuperSonic Stabilizers on my PWD II made a nice difference… highly recommended!

Are you guys stacking the PWT on top of the PWD, or vice versa?

If I had to stack them I’d place PWT on top.

As Steve said, PWT on top.


Me, three - PWT on top. I have them stacked this way on a PB and it works well.

Thanks guys, that is how I have mine stacked as well. Testing some of the stabilizers this evening. Starting with 2 on the PWD.

Anyone have success with the Super Black Hole CD Mat and the PWT?

I did try it. My problem was it would get stuck.

Currently have Baby Booties under the power supplies inside my Hypex amp build and tenderfeet under the chassis. I’ll probably add extra Baby Booties under the NCore amp modules after I add a lager heat sink to the existing one (the are currently in direct contact with the chassis).