How important are footers?

My system is complete and well balanced but I don’t have footers under any of my components which are on a nice rack. My speakers are on large cones as are my power conditioner, headphone amp and tuner. I wonder if I could get even better results if I were to put footers under my streamer which sits on my PST and if I put footers under my PST which sits on my DSD and under my DSD which sits on the top shelf of my component rack which is on a shelf on cones pointing up from the metal rack.

My Pass preamp and amp rest directly on the rack as well. Would footers be helpful there as well and which footers are best recommended for under my source components.My system sounds good but I hear of people swearing by good footers.
My component rack is filled with sand and is very solid. I would like good footers for my source components at least but footers can get pretty expensive all around. This would be my next project for my system.

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There are footers and there are effective footers. Effective footers can be expensive. The VooDoo Isopods that I use cost around $100 each and I think they’re worth the money. (3/component)
But, although you’ll hear people wax poetic about the improvements, I find the improvements are only minimal.
You can find substantial improvements for free by experimenting with speaker placement.


Thanks for your reply. I have been all over speaker placement and room treatments with foam on side walls and corners behind speakers. I recently had my 25 year old modded Hales T5’s measured and matched to each other. It was the best money I have spent in audio recently.

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I think these were what Hans Beekhuyzen on Youtube found especially effective under a DAC, say. An effective low-cost solution.

Footers can and will make big improvement. With your level of equipment, it makes sense to invest in footers. I upgraded from IsoAcoustic Oreas to AV RoomService EVP’s, and was astonished at the improvement - in all areas. That is going from a good footer to a much better one. They have gotten more expensive, and there are plenty of other options also. AV RS does offer 30 day guarantee, so easy to try.

I recently tried the Vibration Black Hole footers from Vera-Fi Audio. Reasonably priced at $200 for a set of four. I purchased two sets for my speakers, but didn’t feel they made much of a difference, possibly because my listening room is on a concrete slab. I then decided to try them under my gear, and I was shocked at what they brought to the table. I found they sounded best under my BHK pre and 250, but I do plan on buying two more sets for the transport and DAC.

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