Google Chromecast Audio Alternative?

Does anyone know of any decent alternative to Google’s Chromecast Audio? My two older units just died within months of each other, and I’m now looking to replace them.

Specifically, my main use for its replacement will be to provide music to a pair of Audio Engine A5’s that I have in my dining room. The streamer will need to be USB powered and be able to be supplied to the Audio Engine by a 3.5 connection.

Any thoughts/recommendations? Ideally, I could attach something like a Audioquest Dragonfly to the streamer as well to beef up the DAC quality too. Just a thought…

It’s not USB powered, but I’ve heard good things about this streamer and from what I can tell, it’s at a good price right now.

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I appreciate the offer, but I’m likely to steer clear from the Chromecast Audio going forward.

Thanks for the recommendation! I need it to be USB powered unfortunately given my setup of speakers. I bet that would sound good though! Thank you.