Auralic vs. Aurender vs. Innuos vs. others

For folks who have tried all three, or have researched them against each other, OR, any other network streamer/server… curious as to what have you found about each and how you rate them overall? Obviously there are multiple versions of each, so curious to see how each has fared with user experiences.

From my perspective, Innuos seems to be the best bang for the buck, specially including a server and CD ripping feature in all their products. Aurender has most extensive options and seems over-priced and Auralic looks like best WiFi solution, and having better DACs if you’re not using a dedicated DAC.

Thoughts? Any other good options? What about Software/apps offered? Something many ignore but it’s critial IMO. How’s the NAD streamer? I love their software being second to Sonos. ANY audiophile streamer with Sonos Software embedded?

I have the Aurender N100H - upgraded from a Bluesound Node 2/NAD D3045 DAC - very happy. Not only is the sound way better with more separation and better soundstage but the app is better too. Now using SGCD as DAC - a massive upgrade. Iny my opinion the NAD house sound is a little soft and compressed compared.

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Also am running an N100H. I haven’t tried the other offerings you mention, and instead relied on the recommendation of the dealer I was frequenting at the time.

Two considerations. One is that the build quality of the Aurender units are really, really good. The second is that their response to service requests is fast and responsive. They have the ability to diagnose issues remotely, upgrade the software and support their devices remotely.

Oh yeah, and the thing sounds fantastic. Doubt you could go wrong with any of them however,

Crazy Criteria.

Outline your personal experience/ownership, intended buy, and propose a reasonable comparison.

Seems like others can participate, but obviously YOU have a bad beef! :wink:

U know it, gurlfriend.

" Auralic vs. Aurender vs. Innuos vs. others"

Think about it. Rully. How many people on Earth can comment on comparing all of those from firsthand experience?

If you are starting a streamer search from scratch, I suggest you add Lumin and Melco to your list.


Especially Lumin if you are looking for great support online.


Thanks, Lumin looks good, any idea on price range? No dealer around me.

On issue today is I have a cpl of Sonos systems in other non-critical listening rooms, and a streamer that could integrate to them would be nice, but I guess none exist and either I have to have two systems or to swap em all out.

If you want a unit with no DAC that would be the U series and starts at $2k with all four major outputs.

No first-hand knowledge, but I have been told by a Lumin dealer and a knowledgable Lumin owner that the current sweet spot in the Lumin line is the T2 DAC/streamer, which, at last check, retailed for $4,500 USD. The T2’s ‘street price’ in the USA is probably closer to $4,000.00.

Lumin gear starts about nine 8 packs of toilet paper and gets way more expensive fast.


According to the Innuos website they can integrate with Sonos units.

The bigger Lumin U1 with outboard power supply is $6500 vs $2000 for the U1 Mini.

The Lumin U1 Mini looks like a great option for people who already have a DAC they like.


Oh, is that new? Last year it wasn’t a feature. Gotto check it out!

PS. Wow, just saw that, seriously it’d make it a much better option for me, Thanks for that!

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I have an innuos Zen Mk 3 in my main system and an Auralic Altair G1 in my second and I like both. Using Roon, I can access the innuos on the 2nd system and have the best of both worlds, having a 2 box solution with a Kora integrated.

And of course I am very curious about the Stellar Strata in that role as well.

Thanks, how do they compare? Have you done an A/B?

I’ve owned a Kora Explorer integrated for a long time and I find it hard to believe that the Strata would beat out the Kora and the Altair combo.

what is your budget abe?