Great read (and a bit of Humor) if you consider yourself an audiophile


Perfect article…like to think I’m a couple steps less twisted about it all…but it’s relative. And I do love the hobby! It enriches my life like little else…outside of the obvious things.

Brilliant ! Spot on ! Guilty as charged !

Through buying mostly gently used and demo gear, I’m into this lunacy to the equivalent of a 5-series BMW, but without the car payment. And the gear won’t rust.

When you consider that a shiny new Ford F-250 crew cab Limited diesel pickup has an MSRP in excess of $80,000, I look positively sane by comparison.



Thanks for posting. Well written; and well researched, apparently.

The author nailed his subject(s)!

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Agree and yet we seem insane to most.

Interesting read, I had to reboot my tablet twice as there site locked it up.
I would never break down my system and move it for a show. I couldn’t anyway, without the help of two very stong people, each speaker weighs 175lbs.
I also strongly believe that if you have a system that is so revealing that you can’t play most of the music you are into, it is a flawed system. I have very few albums that I won’t listen to due to sound quality. Of course I am aware that the recording is not great, but if you actually listen to the music, you should be able to get lost in the performance. A really good system should not calll attention to it’s sound.
I have found that I am much happier with my system when I listen to the music, only listening to the sound when evaluating something.

I wish I had a better way of explaining how to do it, maybe I have reached a point where upgrades aren’t necessary. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do some if I could afford it, but I would be moving up the line, with both my speakers and amp. There was a time when a Directstream DAC and a DMP would have been my first replacements, but after a friend gave me his Lindemann DAC, there is a synergy with my Conrad Johnson CT5 that I have reached a place where the music is what I listen to, NOT the system.
Another example might be when you can’t sleep, because something that happened at work keeps entering your mind, but if you can mentally change the subject to a pleasing one you fall asleep. It is kind of like that.

I find it the funniest when a salesperson shows me an audio product That most people scoff at as being too expensive but then I have to explain it is too low end for me. happened in the apple store just today as I a Devialet Phantom demo. Nice for what it was but just doesn’t cut it.

It is cool and I heard a couple in a two channel set up, but I’m not sure who would buy it. That demo room has long since had new products in it. Neat technology but not for me anyway.