Gustard U12 i2s output


I’ve just purchased a Gustard U12 and i’d like to know if someone is using it via i2s output. I tried but my Jr. shows the pre-emphais “E” in the display.

Thanks in advance!

Jose Luis.


I had it on my wishlist, but as I read this I refused to pay more attention to it. Maybe the device is not compatible with the Jr.? But it should at least play some music, even if phase is reverted.


I have a Gustard U16 and I get the pre-emphasis flag as well using HDMI/I2s as well.


But Gustard U16 has an specific firmware to solve that problem, hasn’t it?

I’m using Toslink output and SQ is really good, but limited to 176.4 Khz.


Thanks, gb-70.

Probably you are right about PS i2s incompatility, just want to know if it is any firmware update or special cable to solve that issue. Anyway i’m surprissed with SQ via Toslink.


If you can cover up pin 15 on your hdmi cable on the end plugged into the gustard you should be able to get rid of the preemphasis.


Thanks, Veneet!


Just a tip, thin strip of electrical tape and an exacto knife helps slip the end inside to cover the pin


Other than the visual of the “flag” is there a sonic downside to having the pre-emhasis flag triggered on the DS? I have to say that the U16 being fed by my Auralic Aries G2


Yes, big downgrade in all the high notes, and in general. It tones down everything. Do a quick compare if you have two inputs from the same source attached to the DAC, it’s crazy what it does. If you look further up the conversation on the link i sent I think Ted explains it. You have to get rid of the DS preemphasis flag