Happy Sprout 100 Owner

Hi Everyone,

New to this forum, and as it says in the title a happy Sprout 100 owner. The Sprout is at a vacation/retirement home that is off grid. So, efficient electrical consumption was an important consideration in component selection. No BHK Mono’s for this set up. :frowning: So the fact that we could use the Sprout to connect to a laptop running Roon, and take the optical output from the TV and it uses a class D amplifier, made it kind of a no brainer of a decision. The speakers are from Selah Audio. A pair of custom made Vigore’s. Look up Selah and Rick Craig on Audio Circle if you are interested in out of the ordinary speakers. You pick the drivers, and Rick does the crossover design and will put them in a box if you want, or you can get the drivers and crossover as a kit.

Even though the Vigore sensitivity is relatively low at 84dB/2.83v, we seemed to have no problem playing them louder than we can stand. The bass definition from this speaker and amp combination was better than any of my main systems (Martin Logan Vista, Selah Grandeur). The sound was detailed without harshness, and worked well without a sub even for movies. I tried the Sprout on the above two speakers before moving it to the vacation house and it acquitted itself quite well. It certainly drove the Grandeur’s better than a Marantz SR-5400 receiver (used in stereo only). I played with my Pioneer PLX-1000 turntable with Ortofon MC-3 Turbo and the combination worked really well. Too bad I can’t have a vinyl collection in both places. The Sprout will be fed digital exclusively.

Sprout 100 gets two big thumbs up from me. Compact, efficient sounds good, and I could transport it checked in a suitcase. How can you not like something like that.



The thing is one of the current Screamin’ Deals in audio, IMO. : )

I gave one of the Gen 1’s to my daughter and her rommate, who were both excited that (along with my old TT) they were able to listen to their vinyl again, which they hadn’t been able to do since they moved out of the house to go to college. Not to mention that they can stream from their phones, laptops, etc.

Plus it is Pretty, and has a nice Knob on it ; )

…and that’s the one without the 100w…

I’ve been Pretty Good this year, and I’m hoping Santa brings me one for my 2nd system.