Thumbs up for the Sprout100

I just wanted to post an affirmation for the Sprout. I have been on the fence for about 8 months trying to decide if the Sprout would be satisfying enough for me.

When I ordered it, I thought there was a good chance that it would not be satisfying enough… As I unpacked it, I was careful with the packaging because I believed there was a good chance I’d be sending it back and getting a Rotel, Arcam or Brio AMP… but I had to be sure…

I acquired it a few weeks ago and I am quite pleased. It was a very significant upgrade from the Cambridge Topaz SR-10 that I was running. The Sprout is more powerful, robust and just sounds more rich and clear through my speakers.

I am driving a pair of Human 81 speakers with it and it has more than enough power.

For my needs, it is a great Amp and really enjoying my LPs with it. I have a heavily upgraded Rega Planar 2.

I hope the Sprout100 proves to be durable.

It is as good or better than the positive reviews I had been reading previous to buying it.



The Sprout is a neat little critter. A great entry drug into audio.

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This right here is one of my favorite parts about it. Yes it has power and a full sound, but the richness it has is pretty darn special. Thanks for the post Cosmicott!