Has Anyone connect Q acoustics concept 500 speakers to PS audio?

Hello all,
Already two years addicted to PS audio equipment with BHK PreAmp, power P3 and 2 x M700.
So far connected to Q Acoustics concept 40 speakers and I’m currently thinking to upgrade to their best speakers: the Concept 500 model.

Anyone has experienced this configuration, or even the speakers concept 500 only with different amplification?

I would be very interested to have your feedback.

So, anyone have experience with these speakers?
They are usually well rated in Europe for their good value, but seems quite confidential in the US.

I use my BHK pre & M700s with a pair of Dynaudio Contour 20 (4 ohms stand mounts), great musicality, great sound stage. Two days ago, I checked my storage, and pulled out a Dynaudio Sub 250 Mk II. I connected it through the free RCA outputs on the BHK (XLR is used to connect the M700s). Nice result for most recordings. Budget including stands and sub: $6000
The key advantage of the Dynaudio is that their impedance is stable over the audio spectrum, so if I ever decide to go tube only, they would stay with me :smile:

Thanks Serhan.
Dynaudio is also a good European brand.
Enjoy your new revived system.

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Thank you Pierre-Yves,
Darren Myers, the designer of the M700 recommends Harbeth, and he himself owns two pairs of Harbeth in two different setups.