Best match for GCD + M700s: PSB T3s or Dynaudio?

Looking for a great match for GCD + M700s. Anyone have experience with

  • PSB T3
  • Dynaudio Excite X44
  • Dynaudio Special Forty (plus a sub, prob the Dynaudio Sub 6)

When I have to pick, I prefer “relaxed” over “precise”.


I’ve got a pair of Dyn Focus 160s on my GCD + M700s and the combo is great. Detailed, musical, with excellent imaging. They go reasonably low without a sub, but adding a sub is a worthwhile endeavor.

I wouldn’t call the sound relaxed, but I am quite sensitive to brightness and sibilance and have never had any issues even during long listening sessions.

Unfortunately I have not tried out any PSB speakers in a serious way, so I can’t say how they compare.

My experience runs a bit parallel to what you’re going for in that I’ve had PSB Imagine T’s as part of a prior system and I’m now running Dynaudio Confidence C I Mk II’s with the DMP/DSD combo. (But I did have the GCD in my current system for about 3 weeks and what I’m relating applies equally to that DAC.)

IMO, the synergy between the PSA source gear running through either of my available amps, the Simaudio Moon Neo 340i or especially, the Merrill Audio Thor Mono Blocks, and the Dynaudio’s, is truly outstanding. Way better than anything I heard when I had the PSB’s.

The Thor mono blocks are Class D as are the M-700’s so the amazing sound I’m getting with that arrangement is particularly relevant.

I had M700s, with Dynaudio EMIT 20’s, Excite 38s, Contour 30s and C1s. It will drive any of those very well. I would pick the 38s as best over all with respect to value. The C1s got too precise quite frankly. I have heard the 40s and they sounded great but in a show room, not at home. The 700s are a great value. Dynaudio makes fantastic speakers (them and Focal imho)- you can hardly go wrong.

Thanks so much for the reply. Did the Excite X44s overwhelm your room? If yes, how big? Was it something else? MY room is 18’x21’x10’. Thanks.

Thanks! In pursuit of understanding “relaxed”, have you ever tested B&Ws? I find them abrasive at the high end. Do you?

Thanks to all for the quick replies. Very helpful.

I had the 38’s and no problems, they filled the room great and it’s about 20X30. I like loud too, and everything between Keiko Matsui, Miles Davis and BTO. Hope that helps… The 44s would be great. Next jump would be Contour 30s.

I have the M700’s driving B&W 804 D3’s with a pair of JL Audio Fathom f110 V2 subs and they are a fantastic combo. I don’t have a hint of harshness, just very detailed highs. That being said, I love Dyns of all flavors and would love to try them with my system! (It’s a sickness, I realize)

“sickness”: If it’s wrong, I dont wanna be right.

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In home, no. In show rooms, many times. Personally I’m not a fan. The highs are too detailed for my taste, it wears my ears out. I have heard them sound good in rooms with pretty heavy handed acoustic treatment, though, so maybe it’s an issue of setup.

Thanks for the response. Helps me “know” your ears better for interpreting your liking for Dynaudio. We all have different ears and in many cases want different things. I know a lot of people love B&Ws, which is great for them. But for me B&Ws are often painful. Thanks again. Happy listening.