Headphones for silence only

Wondering if anybody here has such sensitive ears/hearing/attention, that they long for and found a pair of cans that can almost eliminate sounds. I have some B&W PXs that are pretty good. Considering an upgrade. Thanks!

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Sure enough there are times when I need a break, too. Particularly when working, ironically enough. The nature of my gig is such I occasionally require deep focus time time to get my task done. I use Audio-Technica noise cancelling cans strictly for that purpose. Switched on, no music. I’ve yet to hear noise cancellers that aren’t crap sonically, but when I’m in the mode where I need silence that really means silence and even music is a distraction. Cans for true audiophile use I select for sonics and completely sealing outside noise is a secondary consideration. Better be, because I want open-backed cans to be a viable option for the best, ripping sonics I can get for my X dollars.

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I’ve enjoyed adding the Samsung Buds+ in-ear truly wireless headphones to my tool bag of options. They do not have active noise cancelling but the natural attenuation I would estimate is NRR 20 or a bit more. Good foamy earplugs that fit properly are NRR ~33.

They have a 5 step ambience feature, press and hold for a moment on the face of either bud to toggle, which allows close to normal communication with those around you. The EQ presets are actually useful and very thoughtfully tuned.

The complete lack of wires is freeing. I can work in the shop with any tool or piece of equipment and they don’t move. Frankly, the sound for music is not bad considering the size. It doesn’t do anything wrong anyway.

I’ve given my team (5) at work each a set. They’re all using them everyday now.

I’ve suffered from hyperacusis for ~8 years in my right ear along with mild tinnitus in both but it’s nothing compared to the sensitivity. My hearing measures more sensitive and remarkably even and extended for my age (53).

Sharp sounds are painful. Sharp up close dog barks, metal pan drop on stone, the like.

Be careful using any attenuation to much if you have any form of hearing damage. Too many hours a day can make it worse by making the ear-brain circuit even more sensitive.



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Slap a pair of 3M Peltors over the top of Brett’s foamy IEMs and you’ve got a personal cone of silence. The Peltors are very comfortable and durable. I use Shure SE846 IEMs and Comply foam tips under the 3Ms in noisy environments.

Edit: Corrected spelling of Comply and added a link.

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Thanks, everyone! I just ordered some of these Samsungs…give em a try. Which 3M Peltors provide enough space for IEMs?

I find they all provide enough “ear space” for buds, IEMs, etc.

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Sorry I messed up the link in my first post. These are what I use.

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