Samsung Buds+

Yesterday, I picked up a pair of Samsung Buds+ and I’ve been practically wearing them ever since. Dual armature, six eq presets, 4 levels of ambient sound. No wires. Wireless charging. 11 hours life. 3 min charge gives 1 hour playback!

They are certainly not the end all in fidelity but then BT is probably a limiter but I’ve been surprised by a few tracks. More than completely acceptable SQ.

The real value is being able to do all my chores while listening to music or meditations and there’s nothing to snag or mess with my eyeglasses, etc. Fantastic utility!


[quote=“brett66, post:1, topic:17456”]
Samsung Buds+
[/quote]Are they better that the Iphone earbuds?

I don’t know, I didn’t try the Apple buds

I was surprised that BT earbuds reveal differences in SQ between different apps.

Not everything must be about ultimate audio fidelity. Sometimes utility is a factor. High end audio IEM’s are never wireless and require an amp plus a dac. I often listen to my phone.