Help choosing a Power Amp

Lot of experience and knowledge to tap into here. As im looking for a amp, thought maybe tapping into that I might learn something. Thank you for any suggestions.


Budget …5k (new or used)
Type…A or AB. SS
Note…warm/musical. Vs clinical or detailed
Power… 100 wpc or better. More the merrier
Music… jazz,piano,guitar to rock
Inputs… RCA or Balanced or preferred both
Speakers…currently 90+ efficient


  1. Running pre out from a Rose 520. May add seperate matching pre or other later.
  2. Option to bridge and run mono (s) later always a great option.

What have I considered?
Mac 302, 152. 452 (over budget)
Levinson 5302 (I had a 585 and loved it) but this is basically a Harmon.

Im gravitating to what i know or have owned. A lot of which is over budget per this excercise.

Thoughts please? Thanks

In no particular order:

Used Pass Integrated
Used PS Audio BHK 250
Used AGD Tempo
Jeff Rowland 125 ~$4500 new @ (He may have a used JR but he is out of the country for a couple more weeks).

I’m sure lots more will pop up here. There is a lot of value for money spent in that price range.

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Thanks. Right off the bat. AGD Tempo. Never heard of that.

I did see a Rowland Design Model 2 on TMR but no experience with that.

I have had Pass. X250 int. Never had separates.

Not sure a integrated is optimal as the 520 is essentially a integrated so going pre to pre?

Bhk i have owned and at current pricing not a bad option.

Thank you

Of all the amps that you have owned or heard, which are your favorites and why?

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Great question.

Mac 462 and 601s. Power, bass control and overall musicality. Also a nostaglia factor. The only equipment that hits me in this manner.

Dagastino Int. Build quality, design and does everything effortlessly. Rich detail.

Michi X5. Super sound and power for the money and all the features anyone would need

Pass. Solid, reliable. Detailed no nosense delivery. Can be overwhelming if paired wrong i.e. Dyn. But a very revealing amp if thats where you are headed.

I left out tube amps. Im back to SS for now. The above are the ones that come to mind immediately. At times i have been on task to generate a audio solution. I e. Soundstage or detail. Now im just out for fun and enjoyment. Trading the Lexus for a Mustang…

However as mentioned above, really good choices in this price range

What do you own now and what problem are you trying to fix with a new amp?

Current main system amps are Quicksilver mid monos. They ran the Cornwall IVs fine. New Moab speakers are similar specs but the monos have a harder time driving them for sure regardless of stated efficiency.

Looking ahead ill probably return to Dyn, Wilson etc. Nothing major but used Sabrina or a more typical speaker design.

Eventually the exploration has to end.

For tubes i did Allnic, Unison, tried Lab 12 (hum) and settled on QS. They are great amps, in fact by far the best value.

I would like the next amp to handle whatever future speaker choices i make and not be limited. Also of course increase my headroom today. A Boulder 866 or a dang Gryphon im sure would do the trick.

Other than just raw power im not really trying to fix anything specific. Just continue on my journey. I like the sound im hearing and im also aware of the difference a SS amp will make and im looking forward to that.

So many mid price solutions and i dont know or pretend to know all the options. Hence the ask.

Side note. Also would like a amp i can turn on snd off all day no worries. Not that I would but with tubes i kinda feel like my listening sessions need to be “measured” .

For an all around great product… at any price… look into Coda amps and their offerings… I own the #8 amp… This amp has been nothing less than a pure listening pleasure! I believe it will also check off the requirements you seek in a quality made amplifier. Coda’s pedigree is second to none. Good luck in your hunt!


I’ll add the BHK 250. I’d describe it as luscious. Anti-clinical.


I second the Coda recommendation having had their gear, as well as Pass Labs. The key is matching the amp to your speakers, and taking into consideration any potential speaker upgrade(s).

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Decide how far you’ll drive to brick and mortar shops and go. It’s the only way.

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This is The Way. Even a short audition should give you a general idea, and possibly the shop will provide for a short in home trial.

Nothing near me really. One shop in Denver but nothing I want there. Aural Audio but kinda a vintage shop. Listen up is in Boulder but high priced. My best bet is TMR…IF I can find the right piece. Used is a great deal and i can try at home for 14 days

Basically on line in home demo is my option.

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Looking at the Coda stuff. Thanks…

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Im seeing great deals but on pricy stuff. MC312, Modwright etc. All ideas are welcome. Thanks again.

Give Doug Dale a call at Coda…He’s very receptive and knows his product.

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Maybe a pre-owned Accuphase P 4200 or P4500 warm side of neutral, adjustable gain, bridgeable, rated (very conservatively) at 90 wpc, beautiful to behold, ridiculous build quality

Words of caution- ensure you verify serial# with distributors prior to purchase to both determine if it is a made for US model and has not been converted to 120v Accuphase or its distributors will provide zero service of any kind if not a made for US product. Make sure serial# on box and unit for sale match


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I would buy an Accuphase 4200 just on looks and knob and door feel. At Axpona I just couldn’t get enough of the feel of the door.

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Thanks. Opened my eyes to Coda and Accuphase . Have to be used but great stuff.
I paused on a 302 and it was gone in a flash. Even the Levinson sold quick. Kinda watching and learning. Modwright I think would be great but thats a budget buster to. Even demo…

And completely out of the blue…
Advance Paris?

Me too!

Just gorgeous: