Help upgrading cables

I was looking for some advice on what cables would be appropriate for my system. They’re sort of the final frontier for me. I’m familiar with some brands but I haven’t auditioned anything. I’m currently using mostly basic Pangea Audio ICs (unbal) and power cables, but I have Kimber Monocle XL speaker cables. Not sure what would be to upgrade first. Here’s my gear:

Amp: Luxman m900u
Preamp: PrimaLuna EVO 300, Denafrips Athena
Speakers: Magico A3
Digital: Marantz SAKI Ruby SACD, PS Audio DirectStream DAC, Holo Audio May DAC, Sonore opticalRendu as Roon endpoint
Analog: Clearaudio Concept TT, MoFi UltraPhono
Power: PS Audio PowerPlant 15

With the exception of one balanced wireworld eclipse 7 XLR between DAC & Athena, I’m running all unbalanced at the moment but I would like to transition to balanced through the Athena. My thought was to first get a balanced IC between Athena and m900u. Would need at least 3m. Budget at most $2k, thinking possibly the Cardas Clear Cygnus or Wireworld Silver Eclipse 8 which are around the same price. Or would something else be more bang for buck? Thoughts?

SEE the Belden Iconoclast thread.

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Regarding interconnects I suggest sticking with one brand for a general house sound. Any reason you don’t care for the WireWorld that you currently have? If so an option might be the cable loaner program available through The Cable Company. Any specific cable recommendations may have limited value as your system and listening preferences are unique, as are most listeners.


Always a good idea if you can try before you buy: Lending Library