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I’ve been lurking for quite awhile and just wanted to say hello and ask opinions on something.

I’ve recently decided to go “full loom” with Audio Sensibility Signature cables and currently have a SPDIF digital cable and an RCA. I May also later replace my speaker cables for one or the other brands as well.
They are rather expensive though and I’m considering possibly replacing another RCA (Groneberg Quattro Reference) with a Zavfino Fusion from Supratek Cabernet preamp to Odyssey Audio Kismet amplifier. The amplifier use’s Groneberg cabling internally.

The Zavfino are approximately $350 new vs about $900 for the AS new.

Do you think that Zavfino would match well?

AQ Edison outlet to Puritan Ultimate pc to Puritan PSM 156 power conditioner to Magna Mano streamer to AS Signature SPDIF to Chord Qutest to AS Signature RCA to Supratek Cabernet preamp to Groneberg Q Ref to Odyssey Audio Kismet to Groneberg Q Ref speaker cables to Ascend Acoustics 2EX speakers. Also Supra Cat 8 Ethernet cable. All other power cables are Puritan Ultimate or Classic plus (except for the streamer).



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You will most likely get a lot of advice as there are a lot of very experienced gear heads here.

Aren’t the amp and preamp both balanced? Have you tried XLR’s vs RCA’s?

Preamp has both but amp is unbalanced.


I have experience with Zavfino Silver Dart OCC power cord. I love it so much I bought two. These are about the best power cords you can get for around $1k (they have increased the price recently, not surprisingly) and I believe they will not be bettered for any PC under $3k (I have one at that price). That is the only one from Zavfino I have tried. For interconnects I like Iconoclasts.

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Thanks dchang05.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Zavfino cables but those Dart series are just a little out of my price range. The Fusion series is more within my budget but even then, I will probably have to delay getting the speaker cables for a little while and arguably even longer still for the AS Signature sc’s.

I heard some good things about their lower level of cables too, and I don’t think you will be disappointed with any of them. Good luck!