Help with 60 hz and 120 hz buzzing after wires too close together also audio power strip earth was tightened which made the noises become less and turn to 120 hz

Need some help with what maybe a ground loop or just electrical noises being made from wires too close together. First had horrible speaker buzz coming through one channel on mainly the midrange speaker although the woofer would also make the same horrible sound. Which sounded like a grounding issue I opened the audio power strip and tightended the earth inside the plug on the power strip which seemed to be loose although the audio power strip was purchased new.

Then the noise from one channel of the midrange speaker went away. The electrical noise then changed to a intermittent 60 hz buzz in one channel after the screw in the power strip was tightened. Then after seeing wiring was placed too close together from mixer turntables and amps I moved all wiring as far apart as possible. Now the slight buzz electical noise is coming from the other channel speaker and is more high pitched also intermittent but now seems to be 120 hz and is still intermittent.

Could this still be a ground loop problem. How can xlr ground loop adaptor be used ? Do xlr ground loop adaptors have to be used on both channels or just the channel making the electrical noises. I think the problem is between the mixer and the separate equaliser connected to the mixer. THE mixer also has a 10 band equaliser. Where in the chain must I place the xlr ground loop adaptors to see if this is the problem